Dragon-Mandated Covid Safety for In-Person Happiness

PZI Covid Safety Measures for in-person events as we begin to open up again. They requirements may soften as the threat od covid subsides. But for now we are cautious to keep everyone safe.

Got Ink? You Are Still Writing The Blue Cliff Record

Our teachers reminded us in sesshin that we are still writing The Blue Cliff Record. How great it is to feel a part of that. It is no surprise that our meetings and encounters, wherever they occur, hold up a mirror to Yuanwu’s gathering. I want to thank all our ancestors and teachers for this generous, inclusive koan practice; not just bright but dark, not just dark but bright, always changing and allowing. 

Film: Noppera-bo by Denise Fujiwara & William Yong

PZI Member Denise Fujiwara has choreographed a haunting new dance piece: Noppera-bo (Faceless Ghost) in collaboration with filmmaker William Yong, presented by National Arts Center of Canada. All those hands and eyes! Facing the fears of our time.

Spring Newsletter: The Dragon of Requirement

Spring Dragon: We want the newsletter to be a welcoming place, somewhere you go to find the spirit of surprise and companionship in our interesting times. Check out our Spring issue, explore the Archive!

The Wisdom Podcast: John Tarrant on Uncertainty and Insight

An audio recording of a conversation on The Wisdom Podcast featuring Zen teacher John Tarrant Roshi. He and host Daniel Aitken speak about one of John’s favorite topics: Zen koans.

Help Others Attend PZI Retreats – Donate to the Scholarship Fund

Your contributions directly help PZI offer generous scholarships for attendance at PZI Zen Online retreats and sesshins, in the PZI Digital Temple. Donate! We appreciate your gift and you.

New to Pacific Zen Institute? Welcome!

WELCOME! At PZI we’re creating a culture of transformation through meditation, koans, conversation, and the arts. Explore and connect in PZI Zen Online events, our extensive Koans and Liberation Project Archive (KALPA), and more.

Dragon of Requirement News: December 2021

The newsletter is somewhere to go to find the spirit of companionship in our interesting times. Each issue has material about what’s new on our zoom talks, bits of dharma, and pieces by teachers and students. Not getting it monthly? Sign up!

NEW! Downloadable Audio in KALPA

All our audio files are now downloadable for PZI members! The little cloud link is your friend – if you are a PZI member. Try it out!

You Might Be a Dragon

‘Dragons can do things in unexpected or different ways’ – You too might be a dragon. Join us!

How to Navigate Our KALPA Library

KALPA: a mystery hidden in plain sight, discovered by ordinary means, chock full of dharma treasures: talks, sutras, art, video, zoom sessions, music and more. Here’s how to find what you want quickly. Many zoom sessions reside here.

Zoom Protocol – Entering a Meditation Hall

If you have not used Zoom before there are some great Zoom YouTube videos to acquaint yourself with the platform.  And here are some quick etiquette points

Blossoms & Plagues: A Note from John Tarrant

I’m writing to wish everyone well at this time. It’s spring in California. The days lengthen.
In summer the fires will be back. The Antarctic ice is melting.
Now the Corona Virus is here and most of us are confined to sheltering at home.
Just to give us a sense of sequence, I’m adding to this newsletter journal each month.
A record the season we are passing through, blossoms and plagues, such as a haiku poet would make.
These are the times we have and this is the beautiful life we have.

Uncertainty Club: Summer Lightning and Goddess Dreams

This is an issue inspired by sinking, filling, spilling over. And inspired, as always, by koans.

Click here to read.

Support Awakening In the World – Support PZI

We are grateful for another year with Pacific Zen Institute – its students, its teachers, its liveliness and kindness in the face of all that is going on in the world. PZI itself is growing and changing, and needs your support to do this.

The Golden Wind – Our 2017 Art Card

A student asked, “When the tree withers and the leaves fall, what is happening?” Yunmen replied, “Body exposed in the Golden Wind.”

Our art card in 2017 features a painting by Jeff Myers and text by John Tarrant on this koan by Yunmen.

Save the Date & Open Mind Retreats 2018

Due to fires affecting retreat centers, it is taking more time than usual to confirm and announce our Long Retreat schedule for 2018. We thank you for your patience. In the meantime, we are happy to announce our Open Mind retreat schedule for 2018.

“Put Out The Fire Across the River” – Support Our Community Fund

At this time of fire and recovery in Santa Rosa, we at PZI are doing our best to keep our doors for respite, for refuge, for practice. If you would like to help out, please make a donation.

Support Zen in These Times

Like you, all of us at PZI have been rocked and washed by events of the past year. It is good to support Zen in these times.

Video: John Tarrant on Koans and the Global Condition

John Tarrant talks about the usefulness of the koan tradition in helping sort through the uncertainty of life in these times.

PZI Member Insights – Sammy Shin

In this short video, PZI member Sammy Shin talks about the power of koan practice to help you walk through your life, just as it is.

On Creativity and Contemplative Practice: An interview with John Tarrant

Jane Kolleeny of the Garrison Institute recently sat down on film with John Tarrant to discuss the approach to creativity, koans, and meditation that John and the PZI community have developed over the last 30 years.

Rachel Boughton on Meditation as Adventure

In this 10-minute interview video, Rachel Boughton, Roshi talks about The Hobbit, Yogananda, and the gift of meditation.

Uncertainty Club – Issue II: More Everything

This issue of Uncertainty Club is called “More Everything.” Why? We think that multiplicity is fundamental to our times and to our universe.