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Audio September 6, 2022
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Bio October 8, 2020

Full Bio: John Tarrant Roshi

John Tarrant, Pacific Zen Institute

…train the initial leadership group at Duke Integrative Medicine. Full Biography John Tarrant (born 1949) is a Western Zen teacher, poet, author, and director of the Pacific Zen Institute, which…

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Text September 17, 2019

The Nature of Practice

John Tarrant

…do you spell her last name? John: S W I R S: R? John: R Everyone: Rrrrr [laughter] John: India Raja, I R. Okay. The same poet: Whether in daytime…

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Text February 8, 2022

Podcast Interview: David Chadwick Interviews John Tarrant

John Tarrant

Audio: John Tarrant Roshi interviewed by host David Chadwick Recorded for Cuke Podcast in December 2021 About the host: David Chadwick came to San Francisco in 1966 to study Zen…

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Text September 18, 2019

Goblins Q & A

John Tarrant

…ease with this, when I’m not. John: When in fact it’s fine to cross the street. S: Yeah! Exactly. John: Our particular Zen friend likes racing motorcycles so he probably…

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Text May 25, 2022

Featured: These are the times we are given —John Tarrant 

John Tarrant

These are the times we are given —John Tarrant The immense vulnerability of being alive comes to the mother dropping off her children in Texas and everyone else, including you…

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Text August 13, 2021

Enter Here, Step Through

John Tarrant

…you think? Student: You make it sound so simple. John: Nooooo… Try it. Student: Nooooo… John: Thank you. It’s nice to jump in, isn’t it? Student: I actually thought I…

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Audio May 8, 2022

John Tarrant Reads His Poem: Healing Paths

John Tarrant

…—John Tarrant This poem was written at a workshop for doctors when we were asked to describe healing. I was working at the University of Arizona at Tucson teaching meditation…

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Text November 13, 2019

Dongshan’s Five Ranks: Poem 5

John Tarrant

John: Hi. So we’ve been talking about old poems that are also a map of the path, but they’re a map of the kind where you have to see what…

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Text November 13, 2019

Dongshan’s Five Ranks: Poem 4

John Tarrant

…the fire is just facing whatever troubles… John: No, it’s just the lotus in the fire. S: Yeah. [laughter] John: Well you see we can’t say, we can’t swap out…

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Text August 23, 2020

Predicament Koans – John Tarrant 2013

John Tarrant

John: A retreat is a journey—you embark waving hankies, but then you might get a storm at sea. Or you’re going through the dark forest, then you get a view,…

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Text November 26, 2022
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Dharma Theme October 12, 2020

Dharma Theme: Gathering in the Valley of Our Time – All Sessions & Excerpts

PZI Teachers

…1 AUDIO EXCERPT: Music for Meditation – Michael Wilding, October 1 AUDIO: Evening Talk – John Tarrant, October1 Huangbo Xiyun AUDIO EXCERPT: Evening Words – John Tarrant, October1 AUDIO: Morning…

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Article July 22, 2021

Surprises on the Way: Article by John Tarrant

John Tarrant

…And even at the beginning of the meditation path, on a good day it’s exciting. It actually makes you happy. Surprises on the Way, John Tarrant, Shambhala Sun, May 2008….

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Video September 20, 2021

The Zen Ears Connection: A Talk with John Tarrant

Link to original audio: The Zen Ears Connection: A Talk with John Tarrant

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Text September 17, 2019

Hosting the Life You Have – Koans for Hard Times

John Tarrant

…Then everyone will hear what everyone says. S: John, could you repeat that last quote? John: If you just take the position of host, is that the one? It’s kind…

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Text February 11, 2021
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Dharma Theme October 24, 2022
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Dharma Theme September 11, 2020
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Dharma Theme July 19, 2021
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Text November 15, 2017

The Moon Sets at Midnight

John Tarrant

A Talk by John Tarrant Given during a retreat at St. Dorothy’s Rest, Meeker, CA Poem by William Stafford: Security Tomorrow will have an island. Before night I always find…

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Text September 17, 2019

Stop the War

John Tarrant

…be. John: You disapprove of what’s happening? S: Yes. Yes. John: What’s happening is usually at fault, in fact. S: Exactly. John: I like that. What’s happening? Baaad. Now. Bad….

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Text February 17, 2021
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Article September 14, 2021

Spilling Down Through All the Realms: The Light Inside the Dark

John Tarrant

…—Interview with John Tarrant and the editors of Inquiring Mind Link to original article: Interview with John Tarrant — Spilling Down Through All the Realms: The Light Inside the Dark…

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Dharma Theme August 11, 2022

Dharma Theme: Summer Sesshin 2022 – Taking Part in the Gathering

John Tarrant, PZI Cantor & Musicians, PZI Teachers

…to Sesshin: We Are Interwoven with John Tarrant & PZI Teachers, and HOPs Todd Geist & Michelle Riddle Video: Welcome to Sesshin: We Are Interwoven with John Tarrant & PZI…

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Text October 22, 2020
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Text May 15, 2021

Every Day Is a Good Day

John Tarrant

John: Nice. Yes, not getting in the way of life. Student: I did something worse that that. I stole John’s coffee yesterday morning. Because I really love my coffee, so…

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Text September 18, 2019

Dongshan’s Five Ranks: Poem 3

John Tarrant

…vast majority… John: I would say find me one that’s not a shadow. S: Okay I’ll work on that. [laughter] John: It’s like that the whole world is medicine koan:…

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Text August 25, 2020

Hosting the Life You Have

John Tarrant

…Participant: Reality demands my attention. John: What are the advantages of that? Participant: It gives me something to do. [laughter] John: Yup, fair enough. [laughter] “I hate reality, I’ve got…

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Text October 12, 2021
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