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Koan practice is at heart a practice of intimacy with life itself. For over twelve centuries, koans have drawn seekers bearing urgent questions of life, death, beauty, and becoming. The tradition began as a way of carrying the discoveries of those willing to enter these questions together, and evolved into a vivid lineage of awakening encounters still echoing centuries and continents away.

Now the world’s largest online koan library, KALPA was conceived as a way of providing a wider circle for today’s far flung seekers to sit together, to enter the same timeless and urgent questions, and to receive the teachings.

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New to the Library

Video January 12, 2020

On the Moment of Staying – Baizhang’s Fox Koan

Allison Atwill

Allison Atwill focuses with us on the core of Baizhang’s fox koan – the moment when the old abbot stays after the talk at the monastery.

40' 32"
Video January 12, 2020

Delight in the Chaos of Life – Not Knowing

John Tarrant

Uncertainty allows us to enter life more fully. Zen likes predicaments. The koans are allies in this. The unexpected questions are often those that help the most. All the strategies defend against life – ‘Become more lost’ – a zen entreaty.

52' 35"
Video January 11, 2020

Leaning Into the Ancestors – SRCZC

John Tarrant

John’s SRCZC talk on impermanence and rawness of feeling after the great fires in CA and Queensland. He reflects on the importance of internalizing the teachings and the nourishment of our ancestors within us- outside of our normal paths. Teachings after the great Engakuji fire in Chan koan history. The practice of talking to the ancestors – human or otherwise a source of great knowledge.

47' 10"
Video January 11, 2020

Linji’s Enlightenment & the Awakenings of Great Chan Teachers

John Tarrant

John revisits the awakenings and koans of the great teachers, among them Yunmen and his teachings. In the layered quality of the teachings there is a common thread in our lineage: we are all in it together, all held by this great path, we put ourselves in the vessel and see what happens. Each of us holds a piece of the story. Trust the piece you hold.

35' 46"
Video January 11, 2020

All Those Hands & Eyes

John Tarrant

John talks about the warm intimacy of the ‘the dark’ – the uncolonized zone where koans work with us. Intimacy in teachings is used often as an equivalent for enlightenment. Koans open gates and bring us inside that mystery. Some categories of koans: Predicament koans, Heart Changing koans, Inquiry koans and more.

33' 55"