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Video August 17, 2022

Trees Made of Stars

John Tarrant

New images of infinite Galaxies from the James Webb telescope.The infinite in the microbial and the galactic. Complete Sunday session -1:19min.

79' 12"
Audio August 17, 2022
79' 13"
Video August 17, 2022

John Tarrant: Harmonizing With The Dao – Nothing Has to Be Wrong

John Tarrant

A guided koan meditation. Allowing the koans to have you when you work with them is that same as opening to your life. There are no steps to the Way. You are already free and there will be unexpected help on difficult paths – who knows what goes beyond us. August 7, 2022. 10 minutes

10' 5"
Video August 17, 2022

Music – The Four Boundless Vows

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell plays and sings the Four Boundless Vows for John Tarrant’s Sunday Session on May 22, 2022.

2' 0"
Video August 17, 2022

A Great Current Carries Us

John Tarrant

You can feel happy despite your stories. The world and human life are never still—you are on the Way, carried by the great current of the Dao. Allowing koans to have you, when you work with them, is the same as opening to your life—there are no steps. You are already free, and there is unexpected help on difficult paths. Music from Jordan McConnell & Michael Wilding. Complete Sunday session recorded August 7, 2022. 81 minutes.

81' 23"