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Text November 30, 2022

Ikkyu’s Well & The Miscellaneous Koans

John Tarrant

Images of water are really deep in meditation: the idea that water nourishes us and holds us, and that the Dao flows like water and always finds the Way. Whatever blocks the river, it dissolves it or will move around it. So, that quality? That’s the quality of meditation.

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Text November 26, 2022
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Text November 23, 2022

A Blue Cliff Record Journey of Not Picking & Choosing

John Tarrant

It’s kind of remarkable that the Picking & Choosing koan appears four times in the Blue Cliff Record, which contains only one hundred cases. So, what to do with it? When everybody tries to make sense of it, things happen: They get captured and taken off by pirates or drug lords. You’ve got to be careful in Zen.

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Video November 17, 2022

Hearing the Sounds of the World

John Tarrant

We don’t need to turn away from the world and we don’t have to find a place to stand. Our listening and our presence operate below the level at which we usually manage things. So that is the hearing aspect of this koan. Just let hearing have you. This koan can be carried everywhere with you. Complete Sunday Zen session.

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Video November 17, 2022

Zen Luminary: Poet Naomi Shihab Nye

Jon Joseph

Poet, teacher and essayist Naomi Shihab Nye, recorded in conversation with Jon Joseph Roshi in June of 2022.

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