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Koan practice is at heart a practice of intimacy with life itself. For over twelve centuries, koans have drawn people bearing urgent inquiries of life, death, beauty, and becoming. The tradition began as a way of carrying the discoveries of those willing to enter these questions together, and evolved into a vivid lineage of awakening encounters, still echoing centuries and continents away.

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New to the Library

Audio June 2, 2020

Audio: Welcome! Before the Names of Sages & Emperors

Jon Joseph

Audio: PZI Zen Online – Jon begins with Dongshan’s 3rd Rank and ends with Zhouzhou’s ‘Welcome!’ Beauty in the odd experience of lockdown, economic hardship and all of it. Koans reinforce our innate knowledge before our parent were born. Celebrations of the awakened mind. As recorded – music Jordan McConnell. june 1 2020.

84' 45"
Audio June 1, 2020

‘I Vow to Set Endless Heartache to Rest’ – The Chung Tzu & Chan Stories

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online – Meditation, the vessel in difficult times. Our in upheaval from Covid quarantine and riots over racism. Chan took on difficult times with stories and Zen’s encounter with Daoism & ‘The Chuang Tzu’ with strange characters like ‘crooked carriage’ and his friends. Who’s hearing? Who’s concerned about the world? Who’s sad? We are in it together so let’s vow first to: ‘Set endless heartache to rest!’ Koans & stories are ‘ancient vials of life’ to help now. As recorded May 31 2020

90' 58"
Text June 1, 2020

‘From the very beginning, nothing has been withheld.’ Text from Tess Beasley

Tess Beasley

Addendum for AUDIO: Stinginess & the Storehouse of Treasures. Tess begins the talk with the below quote from Marie-Louise von Franz, underscoring the way holding the bodhisattva vows as koans is not about adhering to the rules but discovering the appropriate response one moment to the next.”

205 Words
Audio May 29, 2020

Stinginess & the Storehouse of Treasures

Tess Beasley

PZI Zen Online -‘From the very beginning, nothing has been withheld.’ See Audio: Stinginess & the Storehouse of Treasures. The covid prompted hoarding, the contagion of ‘not enough’, but there are subtle ways our responses change and generosity appears. Without withholding, we allow even ‘disaster’ to unfold in a project as the universe in flow & at play. As recorded. (Tess begins with reading from Marie L. Von Franz -see text file)May 26, 2020.

73' 34"
Audio May 28, 2020

Song Man – Finding a Song

Jesse Cardin

PZI Zen Online- Jesse talks about the creative practice of finding (writing) a song and koan practice, following the breadcrumbs of insight, allowing the uncertainty. Everything moves toward ‘birth’ with the ‘Stone Woman’. He tells the Maralung koan about a song man who finds and finally remembers his song. Includes snippets of the song Jesse is writing. As recorded May 27, 2020.

73' 16"