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We’ve started a monthly newsletter. Each issue has material about what’s up, bits of dharma, something by me, and pieces by other teachers and students. We’re excited about this. Here’s the archive.


Walking The Mystery Path Together – John’s New Year’s Message

John Tarrant, Roshi, Director of PZI and author, talks about the mystery of meditation as he first experienced it in the primeval forests of Queensland; about transformation on the ancient koan path we follow; and the evolution of PZI as a community.


The Question of Love, a Daylong Retreat with Allison Atwill

February 23rd, 2020
Santa Barbara


The Woman Who led Two Lives: An Open Mind Retreat

March 19-22, 2020
Bolinas, CA


Uncertainty Club: Summer Lightning and Goddess Dreams

This is an issue inspired by sinking, filling, spilling over. And inspired, as always, by koans.

Click here to read.


Come and Sit by the Fire

Dongshan’s 5th Rank welcomes the season –

Not deciding it is or it isn’t

Do you have the courage to be at peace with it?

Everyone wants to leave the endless changes.

But when we finish bending and fitting our lives,

We come and sit by the fire.

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