What is a koan?
Can I have one of my own?
The Power of Koan Practice
by John Tarrant

If it turns out that koans suit you or, to put it in more koan-like language—if koans choose you, then they are a help in living with less fear and more happiness in a quite individual way.

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Confusion or Clarity?
10 Minutes with Jesse Cardin

Jesse Cardin talks about confusion and clarity: Where do you abide, or want to abide, and how do you move in the world? Clarity isn’t going to save you! What will?

Excerpt from Jesse’s Sunday Talk.

Jordan McConnell’s exquisite guitar – Music for Meditation from John Tarrant’s Sunday Session:

What Is Jiashan’s State of Mind? 

“What is Jiashan’s state of mind?” 
Jiashan answered,“Monkeys, clasping their young to their breasts, return beyond the green peaks: a bird with a flower in its beak alights before the blue grotto.”

No moment in meditation can be wrong. We come here to live for the vastness.


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Morten Schlütter
Monday May 23

Morten Schlütter’s How Zen Became Zen examines the dispute within 12th century Chan when Dahui railed against “heretical silent illumination Chan” and strongly advocated koan meditation as an antidote.

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From the Archives


The Quest for a Fresh Start

At some moment everyone longs to walk through a gate and leave the past behind, perhaps for an earlier time when the colors were bright and the heart carried no weight.

The quest for a fresh start is so fundamental that it defines the shape of the stories we tell each other.

—John Tarrant, Article in Lion’s Roar Magazine, July 1, 2007


Befriending the Dream

To befriend the dream, or koan, or your life, is to participate in it and enter its imagery and mood. Befriending begins with a plain attempt to listen, to give it time and patience, drawing no conclusions.

Readings from Jungian analyst James Hillman’s “Dreams and the Blood Soul,” during John Tarrant’s Sunday Talk, The Animal Heart Mind.. 

—Tess Beasley, September 26, 2021

Talk Transcript

Gifts of the Deep Journey

John Tarrant on living in an underworld time, in a descent as a culture, as a world, and as a planet.

Accepting the descent, and accepting the quality of being lost when it appears, is profoundly important. And there’s a great, strange, and interesting mystery in that.

—John Tarrant, Sunday Talk recorded April 5, 2020

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