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SUNDAY: July 5th
Zen Online 10:30am-12pm 


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KALPA: a mystery hidden in plain sight, discovered by ordinary means, chock full of dharma treasures: talks, sutras, art, video, zoom sessions, music and more. Here’s how to find what you want quickly. Many zoom sessions reside here.

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Audio: I Carry Silence & Light – Muses Amidst Turmoil -Allison Atwill, Roshi

PZI Zen Online: Three threads: Anna Swier’ s poem: ‘There’s a Light in Me’. The light in us ‘wholly unharmed ‘ even in extremes of imprisonment, a place for the Muses to meet us. ‘Terma’ – a Tibetan teaching hidden in physical objects or even concealed in your mind or memory- written in indecipherable Dakini script, to be found by you. Light filled reminders that we are already awake. When we hold light and silence everyone can feel it. It changes the field. As recorded June 16th 2020.

Audio Recording

Audio: The Great Turning: Solstice, Juneteenth & A Butterfly Flies up! John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online: Solstice and the big wheels turn. Juneteenth celebrations/demonstrations are encouraging. Navigating and feeling the ‘covid bardos’ of long confinement. Has nothing happened ? Maybe all sorts of things are happening? ‘We can’t stay here long’. What is a border? Old injustices are looming. Readings from Slave Narratives, poetry: Li Bai, Alberto Rios, Czeslaw Milosz, As recorded June 21 2020.


Text: No Rank Whatsoever! Koans as Gates – Wild Path of Awakening with John Tarrant, Roshi

Great Koans: The thing with a great koan like this is that we always think there must be a right way to do it, but there’s no first principal and it’s got no rank, so maybe there’s not. And so you just do the best you can, which is yours…so the practice is for you. John Tarrant, Roshi Fall Sesshin, 2019 – Read on..


Video: Koans Enter Your Life through Predicaments

Video: ‘The ancient wisdom of Zen koans tells how to make room in your life for the unaccountable. You don’t have to worry your way through a predicament; it’s more like when you hear music and your body just dances. Koans are a great treasure that anyone can bring to life. They can show how to be at home in the universe including your own skin and situation’. – John Tarrant

Audio Recording

Audio: ‘The Everlasting Body Runs Deep as Indigo’ – Meditation for Troubled Times – John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online- We are in the midst of great civil unrest around racism and the institutions that support it. Hakuin, Dufu, Dalong speak about what remains what lives what holds us in the universe even as we feel most perishable, sad, defeated. The light is still there in all things even without a foundation to stand on! As recorded June 14 2020.

Audio Recording

Audio: What is Your Response? – A Butterfly Flies Up! Michelle Riddle, Sensei

PZI Zen Online: The moment you are doing nothing the universe is doing you! What is your response? Responses, readings from Atlanta Mayor Bottoms, Yunmen, William Stafford, Joan Sutherland. Koans for troubled times. Each moment is new. Where is the source of your response? No guarantees, anything can happen. As recorded June 5, 2020.

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