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WELCOME! At PZI we’re creating a culture of transformation through meditation, koans, conversation, and the arts. Explore and connect in PZI Zen Online events, our extensive Koans and Liberation Project Archive (KALPA), and more.


Register Now: October Meditation Pass – Daily Morning Meditation in the Digital Open Temple

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Register: Calling In the Ancestors, A One-Day Retreat with John Tarrant & Tess Beasley

PZI Digital Temple: 10am PDT
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We’re in Fall Sesshin with John Tarrant & Friends: Metamorphosis and the Miscellaneous Koans

PZI Digital Temple: 4:30pm
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Where Do You Go, Oh Where Do You Go When You Die? – John Tarrant in Lion’s Roar, November Issue

“The entire meaning of your life is contained in the current matter,” said Mazu, the grand Chan master. Sooner or later, death is that matter. John Tarrant on sorrow, death, and eternity.

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A Spell for Passing Through Danger: Turning Into the Difficulty – with John Tarrant

“A person on a raft flows on the stream by throwing themselves away.” Not fighting the difficulty of things; you have to go through it. John Tarrant on immersion, and orienting yourself to the infinite.

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4 Teachers, 4 Boundless Vows

Four talks on the 4 Vows are included in this audio of the complete Sunday session. Listen to each teacher—vow by vow—in the KALPA. Don’t miss the second audio: Sino-Japanese chanting of the vows by John Tarrant, followed by call-and-response with Jon Joseph & Michelle Riddle.

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Bodhidharma Comes & Goes with Jon Joseph

Why did Bodhidharma come from the West, and return to the East? Why are we born, and why do we die? Emperor Wu regretted his interview, but no one could bring Bodhidharma back. We all come and go. Jon’s talk, meditations, and student comments & stories. As recorded August 2, 2021.


Dharma Theme – In the Palace at the Blue Cliff – All Dharma Talks from Summer Sesshin

A curation of sesshin dharma talks on a single page, for easy finding and listening. A sesshin is more than the sum of its parts or its recorded talks—it is timeless play in the universe and with each other. As recorded in the PZI Digital Temple, June 22-27, 2021.

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