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PZI Zoom Zen -Meditation with Sarah Bender, Roshi

FRIDAY April 3rd, 4pm PDT
Zoom Zen
The Universe


ALL Talks & Zoom Zen Meditation with PZI Teachers

Current Zoom Links for All PZI Talks – Meditation & Talks daily with our teachers. We will be well connected during this time. Stay tuned as we adapt to the new now. Wishing you well.


Zoom Zen: Next Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant, Roshi

SUNDAY: April 5th 10:30am-12pm 
Zoom Universe


Zoom Protocol – What you need to know

If you have not used Zoom before there are some great Zoom YouTube videos to acquaint yourself with the platform.  And here are some quick etiquette points

Audio Recording

Meditation & Talk Recorded Mar. 24 Allison Atwill, Roshi

Zoom Zen Audio – ‘Stop the Dogs Barking at Midnight’. Allison on the first indications of our new normal, tenderness for the smallest things. Talk, silent meditation with koan, poems & reflections.

Audio Recording

Meditation & Talk Recorded Mar. 29th John Tarrant, Roshi

Zoom Zen Audio: ‘Freely I Follow the Tracks of the Flying Birds’. Includes: silent meditation, segment with music, followed by a talk and comments.

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