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Closed: Winter Sesshin 2021 – Through Winter Silence Into the New Light with John Tarrant & PZI Teachers

JAN 13-17th, 2021
PZI Digital Temple


Register: Handing Things On in the Dark – Sunday Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant

PZI Digital Temple: 10:30am
PST The Universe


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Audio: A Winter Tale with The Guanyins

PZI Zen Online with “The Guanyins:” 4 PZI Women Zen teachers tell a Winter Tale with the story of a vast moment that interrupted a battle in the middle of World War I. Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Sarah Bender & Michelle Riddle share the telling and teaching with meditation, poetry and reflection. Jordan McConnell contributes his music. As recorded Dec 27 2020.

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Audio: The Journey Into Awakening – The Most Marvelous Thing with John Tarrant Roshi

PZI Zen Online: “What is the most marvelous thing, a matter of special worth?” a student asks Baizhang. “Sitting alone on Mt. Courage Peak,” he answers. The importance of an imaginative response to any time of change. The wisdom of an indigenous storyteller who embodies a much longer timeline of radical earth changes. Music by Michael Wilding posted separately. As recorded Dec 13 2020.

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Audio: The Journey Into Awakening – Kindnesses In Your Wild Temple

PZI Zen Online: Why do people go to wild places to find their true nature? The wild is here, right now, in your own wild temple. Anything can happen in the wildness of now. The Universe is so rich in destinations that you are always already at one! The beauty of joining in meditation in difficult times. With music from Jordan McConnell, Amaryllis Fletcher. As recorded Nov 29 2020

Audio Recording

Audio Excerpt: Story of An Impossible Task

PZI Zen Online: The Journey Into Awakening – John Tarrant tells a koan story in which a woman gets a task that seems impossible and which she must practice without fail for a year. As recorded Sunday Nov 22 2020. 17 minutes.


Register: Monday Meditation & Talk with Jon Joseph Roshi

PZI Zen Online: 7pm PST
The Universe

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