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Current Zoom Registration Links for All PZI Talks – Meditation & Talks daily with our teachers. We will be well connected during this time. Stay tuned as we adapt to the new now. Wishing you well.

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Audio: ‘I Vow to Set Endless Heartache to Rest’-John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online – Meditation, the vessel in difficult times. Our in upheaval from Covid quarantine and riots over racism. Vow first to: ‘Set endless heartache to rest!’ Koans & stories as ‘ancient vials of life’ to help us now. , Zen’s encounter with Daoism, ‘The Chuang Tzu’. As recorded May 31 2020 (Butoh)


Register: Like A Bubble Floating in Water, Wed. Meditation & Talk with David Weinstein, Roshi

Zen Online 7pm PDT
The Universe

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Audio: Meeting Difficulty – Welcome! Before the Names of Sages & Emperors with Jon Joseph, Roshi

PZI Zen Online – Dongshan’s 3rd Rank & Zhouzhou’s ‘Welcome!’ Beauty in the odd experience of lockdown. Innate knowledge – before we were born. The awakened mind. As recorded.June 1 2020.


Register: Green Glade of Meditation Sunday Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant, Roshi

SUNDAY: June 7th
Zen Online 10:30am-12pm 

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Audio: Stinginess & the Storehouse of Treasures with Tess Beasley

PZI Zen Online –‘From the very beginning, nothing has been withheld.’ (see text file) Covid as unknown territory, stinginess, hoarding, the contagion of ‘not enough’. Generosity appears. Without withholding, we allow even ‘disaster’ to unfold – the universe in flow & at play. As recorded May 26, 2020.


Summer Retreat! Save the dates: June 25-28th PZI Digital Temple

June 25-28th 2020
PZI Zen Online
The Universe

Audio Recording

Audio: Song Man – Finding a Song with Jesse Cardin, Roshi

PZI Zen Online- Jesse talks about the creative practice of finding (writing) a song and koan practice, following the breadcrumbs of insight. He tells the Maralung koan about a song man who finds and finally remembers his song. Includes snippets of the song Jesse is writing. As recorded May 27, 2020.

Audio Recording

Audio: The Mind at Midnight – Disorderly Karmic Consciousness with John Tarrant, Roshi

PZI Zen Online: Our ‘disorderly karmic consciousness’. John Tarrant, Roshi on ‘the mind at midnight’ explaining our experience even though we have: ‘No foundation to rely on!’ Koans stop our insistent minds. With an image, or a predicament they allow for a pause, a gate. As recorded April 26th.

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