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Welcome! At PZI our mission is to create a culture of transformation through meditation, koans, conversation, and the arts. Explore and connect with our new Calendar, our extensive KALPA library and more introductory links.


Register: Say It Upside Down – Thursday Meditation & Talk with David Parks Roshi

PZI Zen Online: 4pm PST
The Universe


Register: Buddha’s Life 2-Day Retreat – John Tarrant Roshi, Tess Beasley Sensei & Michelle Riddle Sensei

DEC 5 & 6, 9:30am-4pm
PST PZI Digital Temple


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Donate! – Your contributions to this fund go directly to help PZI offer generous scholarships for attendance at PZI Zen Online 1-day & 2-day retreats, and at our three annual 4-day sesshins in the PZI Digital Temple.  We appreciate your gift and you!


Register: Monday Meditation & Talk with Jon Joseph Roshi

MONDAY December 7
PZI Zen Online: 7pm PST
The Universe

Audio Recording

Audio Excerpt: A Story of An Impossible Task

PZI Zen Online – The Journey Into Awakening – John Tarrant tells a koan story in which a woman gets a task that seems impossible and which she must practice without fail for a year. As recorded 17 minutes, Sunday Nov 22.


Register: The Journey Into Awakening – Sunday Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant

PZI Digital Temple: 10:30am
PST The Universe

Audio Recording

Audio: The Journey Into Awakening – Kindnesses In Your Wild Temple

PZI Zen Online – People go to wild places to find their true nature? The wild is here, right now, in your own wild temple. Anything can happen in the wildness of now. Small kindnesses open into the silence. The universe is so rich in destinations that you are always already at one! The beauty of joining in meditation in difficult times. As recorded Nov. 29 2020 – Music from Jordan McConnell, Amaryllis Fletcher.

Audio Recording

Audio Excerpt: The Ballad of Tam Lin – On the Banks of the Ghost River, John Tarrant Reads

PZI Zen Retreat – Audio excerpt John Reads the Ballad of Tam Lin in which a brave girl helps her lover, caught in the Faery Queens’s caterhaugh (boggy fen), transform. 13:09 minutes. As recorded Oct. 31 2020.

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The PZI Scholarship Fund

Your contributions to this fund go directly to help PZI offer generous scholarships for attendance at PZI Zen Online 1-day & 2-day retreats, and at our three annual 4-day sesshins in the PZI Digital Temple. There is no replacement for this generosity.

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