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Welcome! At PZI our mission is to create a culture of transformation through meditation, koans, conversation, and the arts. Explore and connect with our new Calendar, our extensive KALPA library and more introductory links.


Register: Hanging Lanterns at the Gates of the Autumn Temple – with John Tarrant

SUNDAY September 27th
PZI Digital Temple: 10:30am PDT
The Universe


Register Now: PZI Autumn Retreat (Sesshin) – Gathering in the Valley of Our Time

THURS-SUN, October 1- 4
PZI Digital Temple
The Universe

Audio Recording

Audio: What is Your Light? The Smallest Things – with John Tarrant Roshi

PZI Zen Online: Hanging Lanterns at the Gates of the Autumn Temple. You have your own light. Life and hard times of an apple tree. Marking Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passing. Music: Michael Wilding, Amaryllis Fletcher, Jordan Mc Connell. As recorded Sept 20 2020.


“The Dragon of Requirement” Provides What is Needed – September 2020

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Our New Online Calendar of Events! Register for Talks, Sesshin, Retreats

Register directly from our PZI online Calendar -NOTE: Teachers are taking a break from regular sessions Sept 28-Oct.4 for Fall sesshin. John will teach Sept 27 not Oct 4. Find all talks, events, sesshins & retreats Featured in the main navigation bar!

Audio Recording

Audio: What is Your Light? Hanging Lanterns at the Gates of the Autumn Temple – with John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online: Orange skies, unhealthy air, Apocalypse week in CA and the west. The old agreements are fragile: Climate change a long gathering storm, fire a consequence. Having a practice – the simplest thing – a conversation with the vastness. Being lost is an opportunity – as old attitudes fall away. Musicians Amaryllis Fletcher, Cantor & Jordan McConnell. As recorded Sept 13 2020

Audio Recording

Audio: Fiery, Radiant Guanyin in the Pavilion Under the August Moon – Allison Atwill Roshi

PZi Zen Online – Fire is an ancient symbol of transformation but also shows itself through Gunayin as the inner radiance of all things. Every appearance has its own brightness. The koan: The great temple fire of Kinkakuji in which everything was burned and yet nothing was destroyed. One of the 100 Samurai Koans. As recorded – Michael Wilding on flute. Aug 30, 2020

Audio Recording

Guanyin’s Fiery Radiance – Composition on Sax from Michael Wilding

Audio: PZI Zen Online from Guayin in the Pavilion Under the August Moon – an original composition on Sax from musician Michael Wilding. Thank you Michael! As recorded during Allison Atwill Roshi’s Guanyin of Fire session August 30, 2020.

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