Give Teacher Dana: One-Time Gift

Thank you for thanking your teacher! This link provides a way to contribute a one-time dana gift to your teacher. If you want to make regular gifts to your teacher, weekly, monthly or annually, here is the link for Subscription Dana Giving.

Note: If you would like to give dana to more than one teacher use this link

Dana is a longtime tradition in spiritual communities for thanking or honoring your teacher and their teachings. You may select more than one teacher in the form and leave a personal note. We have set amounts available or you may choose your own amount. Anonymous and tribute donations are also possible.

Your generosity helps support all of our online meditation sessions and teacher dharma talks.

Questions? Contact Eleanor Silberman at [email protected]

Basic information on dana giving and tax deductions: Dana as a direct gift is not deductible under IRS guidelines.
If dana is given through PZI (a 501C3 org), it is considered deductible by the donor and taxable to the recipient.

We always start with a face-to-face meeting. 

The koan tradition is made up of hundreds of encounters, handed on along the way. 

It’s kind of the soul of Zen work, isn’t it? There’s a meeting between you and a teacher. There’s a mysterious way that meetings are passed on, from hand to hand, a sense of darkness about it, because there’s a mystery about it, too.