This is long-ish but necessary to ensure your happiness and well-being—


Please check the most recent communications from your retreat registrar. Each venue and situation differs somewhat and your registrar will send updated information as needed.


First, to ensure we’re all as safe as possible and can relax together, we require that participants be asymptomatic—no fever, flu-like symptoms, intense sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc. If in doubt, get in touch with us.

We recommend you be fully vaccinated and boosted.

We recommend you take your own rapid test 24 hours before arriving on site.

From the time of your home test to the time of your arrival, we recommend wearing a mask (N95, KN95 or other) during travel with others.

Doubly Important: Bring at least one test to the retreat as everyone will be required to test negative before entering. Should symptoms arise while on retreat, you will be asked to test again.


Upon arrival at the retreat site and before you enter any buildings, check in at the (outdoor) PZI welcome table. Here you will be asked to take a 2nd antigen test and will be admitted pending a (hopefully) negative result.

Should you experience new symptoms on retreat that suggest cold, flu, or Covid, please check in with your registrar right away.

Thank you for helping make the vessel in this important way.

Questions? Contact Eleanor Silberman: [email protected]