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Video May 17, 2022
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Audio April 23, 2021

Spring Sesshin 2021: Evening Words with David Weinstein

David Weinstein

David Weinstein, Director of PZI’s Oakland Zen, delivers the evening words during Spring Sesshin. As recorded April 7, 2021. 5 minutes.

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Audio October 12, 2020

Fall Sesshin 2020: There You Are! with David Weinstein Oct 4

David Weinstein

PZI Fall Sesshin: Zen Online morning dharma talk with David Weinstein as recorded October 4, 2020.

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Audio October 12, 2020

Fall Sesshin 2020: Relaxing – Evening Words with David Weinstein Oct 2

David Weinstein

PZI Fall Sesshin: Evening words with David Weinstein – Relaxing on the raft and finding the ferryboat. As recorded Oct. 2, 2020.

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Audio August 8, 2022

Summer Sesshin: Shitou’s Teachers

David Weinstein

David Weinstein gives a dharma talk in Summer Sesshin on June 16, 2022. Complete session. 38 minutes.

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Audio March 3, 2022

Winter Sesshin: Opening with All Teachers & Musical Meditation

John Tarrant, Michael Wilding, PZI Teachers

Beautiful Winter Sesshin Opening Ceremony with John Tarrant & PZI Teachers. John Tarrant, David Weinstein, Tess Beasley, Jesse Cardin, Jon Joseph, Sarah Bender, & David Parks all speak koans and phrases into the Temple. Michael Wilding plays solo flute for meditation. February 1, 2022. 14 minutes.

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Audio January 31, 2022

Zen Koans & Creative Process: A Conversation

David Weinstein, Jordan McConnell, Michael Hofmann

Zen koan meditation practice and creative process enhance each other. David Weinstein Roshi of Rockridge Meditation Center (Oakland), hosts a conversation with sumi artist and teacher Michael Hofmann and musician and luthier Jordan McConnell. Insights abound on creative process in music and in visual art when combined with koan practice.

75' 9"
Audio November 1, 2021

Fall Sesshin 2021: Koan Practice or Not? Going Beyond Form

David Weinstein

David Weinstein gives a morning dharma talk on being captured by the mystery and the koan, “Things are not as they appear, nor are they otherwise,” and on the metamorphosis of Monarchs on his windowsill. Constant change and the constancy of who you are do not contradict each other. As recorded Wednesday, October 20, 2021, in Fall Sesshin.

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Audio July 19, 2021

Evening Words: Overheard Conversations – I Share Your Joy!

David Weinstein

David Weinstein sends sesshin participants off for the evening, with some words about how things are shared and handed on. 7 minutes.

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Audio July 19, 2021
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Audio February 26, 2021

Turn the Light Around, Then Return

David Weinstein

Morning dharma talk by David Weinstein in Winter Sesshin. As recorded January 17, 2018.

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Audio September 27, 2020

Every Day Is A Good Day

David Weinstein

PZI Zen Online with David Weinstein: He asks, together with Yunmen, what about the days after the full moon? As recorded August 26, 2020.

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Audio July 10, 2020

Audio Excerpt: Gardens in the Cracks of the Sidewalk – Small Moments

David Weinstein

Audio excerpt: David Weinstein on noticing small moments – the crack gardens in the sidewalks. Friday morning Summer Sesshin 202.

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Audio February 11, 2020

Great Doubt Leads to Great Awakening

David Weinstein

David Weinstein talks about the great teacher Dahui and his teaching that ‘Great doubt leads to great awakening’ – nothing wrong with the little daily awakenings either. How great faith (i.e. acceptance of yourself or by someone else as you are) allows for great doubt, which leads to great awakening. David talks about his journey with teachers and ‘Making your mind a question mark!’

53' 39"
Audio November 16, 2019

Bodhidharma’s Response to Emperor Wu

David Weinstein

David Weinstein examines Emperor Wu’s exchange with Bodhidharma. His question: “What is the first principle of teaching? Vast emptiness, nothing holy.” The Emperor wants to be acknowledged, but….

57' 42"
Video June 18, 2019

Death Poem

David Weinstein

Roshi David Weinstein continues with the koan for Summer sesshin, “Where have you been?” “I went out following the scented grass and came back chasing the falling blossoms.” June 26, 2016.

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Video June 8, 2019

Realm of the Buddha, Realm of the Demon

David Weinstein

David Weinstein presents at the Great Winter Bare Bones Sesshin 2011 on “Thus I have heard,” and other Zen wisdom. January, 2011.

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Video June 19, 2018

Koans and the Practice of Little Things

David Weinstein, Rachel Boughton

Rachel Boughton and David Weinstein give a talk on Saturday morning of the Summer 2018 Sesshin. June 16, 2018.

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Video June 19, 2018

Koans and Mantras

David Weinstein

David Weinstein gives a talk on Wednesday morning of Summer 2018 Sesshin. June 13, 2018.

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Video January 20, 2018
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Video January 20, 2018

The Doughnut Maker

David Weinstein, Rachel Boughton

David Weinstein and Rachel Boughton give a talk at the 2016 Summer retreat.

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Audio November 27, 2017

Friendship with Koans

David Weinstein

David Weinstein gives a talk during Summer retreat: June 29, 2015.

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Audio November 27, 2017

Call & Response

David Weinstein

David Weinstein gives a talk during Fall Sesshin: September 20, 2017.

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Video July 20, 2017

The Miraculous Right in Front of Our Eyes

David Weinstein

David Weinstein presents at Summer Sesshin on the koan “The Miraculous Right in Front of our Eyes.”

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Video July 20, 2017

Ordinary Mind is the Way

David Weinstein

David Weinstein gives a dharma talk at the 2011 spring sesshin, on “Ordinary Mind” as path of awakening.

58' 29"
Video July 20, 2017

Don’t Believe the Light

David Weinstein

The Koan presented by John Tarrant to begin retreat: “Whatever confronts you, don’t believe it. Trust in the light within and shine your light on it.” David Weinstein leads an exploration of the opposite of believing in the light. This exploration comes at the Koan from an opposite but not necessarily contrary approach. Enjoy shining the light of your awareness into what you believe, and seeing through it. February 21, 2012.

54' 34"
Video July 11, 2017

The Big Yawn, or Swimming at Sesshin

David Weinstein

David Weinstein gives a dharma talk on noticing our bodies while we swim or exercise. October 16, 2012.

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Video July 6, 2017

The Question of the Tail

David Weinstein

David Weinstein Roshi continues the conversation during retreat regarding the ancient Koan about the buffalo passing through a lattice window. How can the buffalo get through the lattice window – all but the tail? What is it that is difficult for me to let in? Can we be compassionate with ourselves when we find the place on our life where there is a no trespassing sign?

23' 52"
Video June 30, 2017

Koan Party

David Weinstein

“We go to wild places in search of our self-nature, looking in the darkness of the tall grasses of abandoned places. Now, honored ones, where is your self-nature when you are searching for your self-nature?”

David Weinstein talks about culture and ideas, and recounts stories of enlightening adventures.

23' 45"
Video June 26, 2017

Labyrinth at the Heart of the World

David Weinstein

David Weinstein discusses the labyrinth at the Heart of the World. (2016)

25' 7"