The Elegant Path of the Book of Serenity – Fall Retreat with John Tarrant & Friends

Fall Retreat, October 13-20, 2019
Land of Medicine Buddha
Soquel, CA

The Book of Serenity is collection of 100 koans and poems, which was assembled for Yelu Chucai, a minister of Ghenghis Khan. The book was lost in the wars and rewritten and when it finally arrived out on the steppes, the ministers sat up all night in a yurt reading and discussing it.

Awakening to Summer A Day-long Retreat with Jon Joseph

Saturday AUGUST 10th, 2019 9-4pm
San Mateo

Awakening, for Yuanwu, and for all of us, is a matter of coming to appreciate that life is ~ in this very moment ~ redolent with a golden richness.


Blossoms, Leaves, Intimate Talks and Moonlit Walks – An Open Mind Retreat with John Tarrant

August 15-18, 2019
Commonweal Center
Bolinas, CA

Each piece of life is a mirror; when we look into it, we see our own face and we see that the galaxies and the field mice are equal. In this retreat we’ll look at stories, koans and poems about the intimate moments of life, about how the small, true things give us a joy that is hard to describe or even contain.

You Dream You Are A Butterfly – A Summer Retreat with John Tarrant and Friends 

July 21-28, 2019
Mt. Madonna Center
Watsonville, CA

Our impossible problems become dreams and play. Each piece of the universe is a gate into freedom, into loving the small things.
Come and explore the transformation of things in retreat this Summer.

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All things return to the one. What does the one return to?
- Zen koan

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