Register: Count the Stars – Wednesday Meditation & Talk with David Weinstein, Roshi

Zen Online: 7pm PDT
The Universe

REGISTER: During this time of pandemic and sheltering in place, I have noticed a deterioration in my ability to keep track of things. I have uncharacteristically missed credit card payments and keeping track of my appointments has become a challenge. In the midst of feeling overwhelmed by all of the things that are falling through the cracks, things that need to be done and that are past due, this koan about counting the stars paid me a visit.

Register: Don’t Believe It! Solitary Brightness – Thursday Meditation & Talk with David Parks, Roshi

THURSDAY July 16th
Zen Online: 4-5:30pm PDT
The Universe

Linji was a Zen ancestor who lived in 9th century China, known for his iconoclastic ways. His clear presentations of the dharma included shouts and blows – anything to loosen a person’s grip on things – all designed to open the heart to reality, here and now.

Register: Green Glade of Meditation – Sunday Meditation & Talk with John Tarrant, Roshi

SUNDAY July 19th
Zen Online: 10:30am-12pm 
The Universe

Register – Meditation is a place where you are welcome, and this is a way to do it together. Meet me in the digital temple! You might be a dragon..

An Open Mind Retreat: The Story of the Buddha Is Your Story. In Tennessee with John Tarrant

December 10-13, 2020
Well Being Retreat Center
Tazewell, Tennessee

The Buddha’s story is your story. The prince wandered through wild places seeking wisdom until one night, sitting under a banyan tree, his mind finally awakened to a peace and understanding that is available to everyone – including whoever is reading this now.

Summer Long Retreat – Sesshin 2020

June 15-21, 2020
Santa Sabina Center
San Rafael, CA

There will be meditation in the quiet of the day, good companions, walks in the hills and redwoods, talks by teachers, individual conversations with teachers, time to breathe, write, consider, stop considering, and have our lives stretch out, pretty much perfect as they are.

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All things return to the one. What does the one return to?
- Zen koan

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