The Power of the Valley – A Retreat with John Tarrant and Rachel Boughton

May 18-19, 2019
Bastyr University
Seattle, WA

That power, the spirit, of the valley is eternal and inexhaustible. It’s for you.

Landscape by Grant Haffner,

Each Day is A Journey, and the Journey Itself is Home, with John Tarrant

May 11-12, 2019
Cerro Gordo Temple
Santa Fe, NM

Journeys are exciting and, since we are always in motion, they are also the only thing we ever do.

The Practice of Being Time, an Urban Retreat with David Weinstein

April 6, 2019
Rockridge Meditation Center
Oakland, CA

The source of time is being and the source of being is time, but both depend on space. The intersection of time and space is called “right now, right here” – in other words, you. This is freedom.

Retreat: Yin and Yang and the Future on the Belly of a Turtle with Rachel Boughton

April 27,2019 9-5
Santa Rosa, CA

Long ago, it is said, China had a culture of women who saw the future by looking at the underside of the shells of living turtles, the secret side of the shell, where they could see written patterns of Yin and Yang. – A koan retreat with Rachel Boughton

The Dragon of Requirement – An Open Mind Retreat with John Tarrant

March 21-24
Commonweal Center
Bolinas, CA

Often we don’t know what we really want and require and truly care about. We chase outcomes when the change we need is inside. The dragon is the surprising discovery of the genuineness of our journey and of what we really love and also the unforeseen help that will appear as these things become clear.

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All things return to the one. What does the one return to?
- Zen koan

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