Illustration by Jackson Randall

The Lunar New Year – An Urban Retreat with David Weinstein

February 9th, 2019
Rockridge Meditation Community
Oakland, CA

Marking the beginning of the year linked to the cycle of the moon, rather than the sun, speaks to an appreciation of the softer, in some ways more penetrating, light of the moon. It is the light of the moon that represents awakening, not the light of the sun.

Nine Dragons Scroll – Chen Rong (Song Dynasty)

The Dragon of Requirement – An Open Mind Retreat with John Tarrant

March 21-24
Commonweal Center
Bolinas, CA

Often we don’t know what we really want and require and truly care about. We chase outcomes when the change we need is inside. The dragon is the surprising discovery of the genuineness of our journey and of what we really love and also the unforeseen help that will appear as these things become clear.

Hilda af Klint - The Buddha's Standpoint In Earthly Life, No. 3 (1920)

Step Into The Tao: A Winter Retreat with John Tarrant and Friends

January 14-20, 2019
Santa Sabina Center
San Rafael, CA

There is no text more foundational for Chan Buddhism than the Tao Te Ching. Under its influence, beauty and love were discovered to be intrinsic to awakening, and awakening itself was revealed time and again in trials of leadership, love and daily life. Zen and koans with it became a path we continue to walk with our own practice today.

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All things return to the one. What does the one return to?
- Zen koan

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