What’s The Matter? An Urban Retreat with David Weinstein

November 16, 2019
Rockridge Meditation Community
Oakland, CA

Being told that nothing is the matter challenges our ideas about reality. Being asked what we think we lack helps us appreciate that the questioner knows what it is to feel that lack, which opens us to what they have to say about it.

Fall Retreat: The Elegant Path of the Book of Serenity, with John Tarrant & Friends

October 13-20, 2019
Land of Medicine Buddha
Soquel, CA

The Book of Serenity is collection of 100 koans and poems, which was assembled for Yelu Chucai, a minister of Ghenghis Khan. The book was lost in the wars and rewritten and when it finally arrived out on the steppes, the ministers sat up all night in a yurt reading and discussing it.

Bodhidharma’s Journey, Our Path: A Two-Day Retreat with Jon Joseph, Roshi

November 16-17, 2019
Franciscan Renewal Center
Scottsdale, AZ

Centuries ago, Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen in China, traveled the mysterious journey from India.
Students, for years, would pose the classical question: Why did he come from the West? That question,
fundamentally, is our question. Why are we here?

Doorways in the Jahaz Mahal by McKay Savage.

Conversations with the Masters: John Tarrant in Santa Fe

November 14-17, 2019
IHM Retreat Center
Santa Fe, NM

When you walk through the gate, you meet the old masters. They were ancestors and adventurers who explored consciousness and handed down a tradition of freedom. You see these old men and women face to face or even more, see with their eyes, know for yourself the way they moved in the world. You can learn a different way of listening to your life, and even the dark bits of life become luminous.

Meditating with Zen Stories and Myths: A Workshop with John Tarrant

November 9-10, 2019
California Institute for Integral Studies
San Francisco, CA

You might be sitting on a hillside in Summer, or tumbling in a car wreck, or being kissed, or hearing a song, when suddenly everything changes. Making yourself available to this awakening depends on the the freedom that comes from knowing who you really are.

Ancestor Retreat with Allison Atwill

Sunday, October 27, 2019
Private Home
Santa Barbara, CA

In this retreat we will invite our Ancestors, in the largest sense, to join us and let us know where they have been traveling this past year. We all have ancestors whom we might want to come to terms with, or forgive or celebrate or ask a blessing of.

A colorful Oaxacan Day of the Dead Altar. Public domain.

Days of the Living – Rachel Boughton in Oaxaca

November 8-10, 2019
Paraje Bonanza
cerca de Ejutla de Crespo , Oaxaca, Mexico

Life keeps throwing us into darkness, the unknown, the unforeseen. Things are lost for a time, we fetch around in the dark and feel our way in a world without defined edges. This can even be a blessing. And then something tells us it’s time to come back into the light. How do we get found? That’s a meditation question.

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All things return to the one. What does the one return to?
- Zen koan

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