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Dharma Theme August 11, 2022

Dharma Theme: Summer Sesshin 2022 – Taking Part in the Gathering

John Tarrant, PZI Cantor & Musicians, PZI Teachers

…taking part in the summer gathering, the round smile of summer —with John Tarrant and the remarkable PZI Teachers: Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Jon Joseph, David Parks, Michelle Riddle &…

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Dharma Theme November 5, 2020

Dharma Theme: Immensity is Tapping – Zen Tuesdays

Allison Atwill, Michelle Riddle, Sarah Bender, Tess Beasley

…Sarah Bender Roshi, Michelle Riddle Sensei   Awakening Tapping on Your Window: Encountering the Immensity of Life   Poet Jane Hirshfield writes, “softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life.” In…

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Dharma Theme April 23, 2021

Dharma Theme: Spring Sesshin 2021 – After the Dark and the Cold, Come the Blossoms

PZI Teachers

…the peach blossoms. —John Tarrant & Friends: PZI Teachers Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Jesse Cardin, Jon Joseph, David Parks, Michelle Riddle, and David Weinstein Spring Sesshin talks, music, and meditations…

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Dharma Theme November 1, 2021

Dharma Theme – Metamorphosis: Collected Audio from Fall Sesshin 2021

PZI Teachers

…the Miscellaneous Koans—the collection that opens the marvelous nature of the world and awakening. Enter here. PZI Teachers: John Tarrant, Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Jon Joseph, David Parks, Michelle Riddle,…

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Text September 18, 2020

Secret Fidelity & One Finger Zen, Even in the Bardos

John Tarrant

…say, which is Michelle Riddle. Ah, here she is. Michelle Riddle Roshi: I briefly lost all the Zoom screen, and it all just disappeared. [laughs] John: That’s good, good for…

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Audio April 23, 2021

Spring Sesshin 2021: Welcome & Talk with Michelle Riddle

Michelle Riddle

Michelle Riddle welcomes all Spring Sesshin participants and gives a dharma talk. See summary. As recorded April 7, 2021….

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Audio November 3, 2020

Wash Your Bowls with Michelle Riddle

Michelle Riddle

PZI Zen Online: October Zen Tuesday with Michelle Riddle Sensei. Zhaozhou’s message to a novice, “Wash your bowls.” A zendo plaque in Japan, “Look under your feet.” Focus on what…

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Audio August 9, 2020

Audio Excerpt: Kindnesses and the Appearance of Guanyin, with Michelle Riddle

Michelle Riddle

PZI Zen Online: Audio excerpt from Guanyin in the Pavilion Under the August Moon. Michelle Riddle Sensei reflects on the kindnesses that appear as Guanyin, as she shifts the ground…

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Audio August 12, 2020

Guanyin Touches the Earth – In the Pavilion Under the August Moon with Michelle Riddle Sensei

Michelle Riddle

Audio – PZI Zen Online – Guanyin in the Pavilion with Michelle Riddle Sensei -Touching earth as Guanyin. Falling – Layman Pang and his daughter Ling Zhao fall together. The…

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Audio May 25, 2020

What Moves? How are you part of it? with Michelle Riddle, Sensei

Michelle Riddle

…or dance but how am I part of it? Michelle shares various audio files T.S. Elliot reading a poem, David Bryne & Brooklyn Youth Choir. As recorded May 22, 2020….

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Dharma Theme September 13, 2020

Dharma Theme: Guanyin In the Pavilion Under the August Moon

Allison Atwill, Michelle Riddle, Sarah Bender, Tess Beasley

…to Guanyin in the Pavilion with Tess Beasley Sensei & Sarah Bender Roshi Earth: AUDIO: Guanyin Touches the Earth with Michelle Riddle Sensei AUDIO EXCERPT: Awakening is Participating in Every…

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Dharma Theme October 12, 2020
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Audio August 5, 2021

Special Program: 4 Teachers & 4 Boundless Vows: 4th Vow – with Michelle Riddle

Part 4: I vow to live the Great Buddha Way. Michelle Riddle takes up the 4th of the 4 Vows. What seems impossible may not be possible to ignore! Koans…

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Audio September 10, 2020
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Text February 11, 2021
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Audio August 29, 2022

Summer Sesshin: Closing Ceremony

John Tarrant, Michelle Riddle

…Amanda Boughton on vocals and mandolin, and cantor Amaryllis Fletcher on violin. Michelle Riddle, Head of Practice for sesshin, closes the retreat and thanks all who helped. Todd Geist gives…

44' 7"
Text February 15, 2022

Dharma Theme – Hakuin’s Praise Song for Meditation: Collected Audio

Allison Atwill, Jesse Cardin, Michelle Riddle, Tess Beasley

…resting into our inexhaustible true nature and of glimpsing vast forces always revealing our path home. With PZI Teachers: Allison Atwill Roshi, Tess Beasley Sensei, Michelle Riddle Sensei, & Jesse…

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Audio September 23, 2021
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Audio December 10, 2021

Dreams of Awakening: A Familiar Face from Long Ago

John Tarrant

…gold is wherever you are. Tess Beasley comments on the images in dreams and how there are patterns. She reads Hakuin’s amazingly vivid awakening dream from his journal. Michelle Riddle

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Dharma Theme July 19, 2021
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Audio April 26, 2021

Spring Sesshin: The Interwoven Journey of Sesshin and Life

Tess Beasley

…poets and teachers before him, among them Li Bai and Du Fu, Ikkyu, and Rikyu. Michelle Riddle Sensei said recently, “We never truly know what we are participating in.” Our…

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Text May 8, 2020

Heart Sutra Variations

John Tarrant

…it printed, 50 of them printed to send out as gifts to donors and people. Then I gave one of the very first ones to Michelle Riddle – I got…

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Dharma Theme February 15, 2021

Dharma Theme: The Teachings of Zen Master Ma

PZI Teachers

…Sesshin 2020 Audio link: Vials of Light with John Tarrant, Summer Sesshin 2020 Audio link: What is Your Response? with Michelle Riddle, June 2020 Text – Transcription link: The Method…

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Text July 28, 2020

Important Details for PZI Fall Sesshin

Pacific Zen Institute

…Sarah Bender Michelle Riddle Tess Beasley   LEADERS Chris Gaffney – Morning Head of Practice Jan Brogan – Evening Head of Practice Amaryllis Fletcher – Cantor Jordan McConnell and Michael…

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Audio March 2, 2022

Dharma Theme: Winter & Silver, Moonlight & Snow – Collected Audio from Winter Sesshin 2022

John Tarrant, PZI Cantor & Musicians, PZI Teachers

…Eduardo Fuentes, Jon Joseph, David Parks, Michelle Riddle, & David Weinstein Heads of Practice: Jan Brogan & Chris Gaffney Here are the Winter Sesshin dharma talks in consecutive order: **More…

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Text September 28, 2020

Following the Scent of Flowers

John Tarrant

…have the—I lent my usual bell to a friend—to Michelle, who’s teaching on Fridays sometimes. Because I didn’t like her bell, [laughs] I have the timekeeper’s bell from the zendo….

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Text August 14, 2020
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Audio March 31, 2021

If Ordinary Mind Is the Way, What Makes It So Hard to See: It’s Closer Than You Think

Michelle Riddle

Michelle Riddle’s portion of the PZI enlightenment firm Atwill, Riddle & Beasley’s case for Ordinary Mind. As recorded March 28, 2021….

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Dharma Theme November 4, 2021
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Audio June 9, 2021
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