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Retreat: Light Beyond the Light

PZI Digital Temple

Register: The image of “the light beyond the light” caught my attention as I read the poem that is the Preface to the Blue Cliff Record, a collection of one hundred koans. It is said that, entering into the Blue Cliff, you will open ‘the eye within eyes’, and living life informed by the Blue Cliff, you yourself become a beacon, ‘the light beyond light’. That being so, you find that whichever of the ten thousand doors you knock on ‘someone will answer.

$50 – $65

Fall Sesshin – The Golden Wind Reveals Itself

PZI Digital Temple

PZI's Fall sesshin - a 4 day retreat with morning and evening dharma talks, breaks for meals and prearranged Dokosan (meetings with teachers online)


Days of the Dead Weekend Retreat

PZI Digital Temple

A celebration of those who've gone before beginning All Hallows Eve. Meditation, Dharma talks and more.


PZI Winter Sesshin

PZI Digital Temple

PZI Winter Sesshin - 4 days in the PZI Digital Temple with John Tarrant Roshi & PZI Teachers