Unusual Payments Form – Products or Events

Welcome to the PZI Unusual Payments Form

There are many reasons to use this form, and you’ve likely been directed here by our admin. Or scanned our QR code. If you are paying one lump sum for a group of things, or an upgrade in registration, you’re in the right place!

Your payment might include an item from our bookstore, a retreat registration installment, late payment for an event, or even an annual membership, dana for several teachers, plus a donation with disbursements to both funds.

We want to allocate your funds appropriately. So we’ll require you to specify ‘What are you paying for?’ when you check out.

Questions? Contact Karin Pfluger at [email protected]


Goso said, “When a buffalo goes out of its enclosure to the edge of the abyss, the horns and head and hoofs all pass through, but why can’t the tail also pass?”

—Gateless Gate, Case 38