National Arts Center of Canada presents:

Noppera-bo by Denise Fujiwara / Fujiwara Dance Inventions, William Yong / W Zento Production
This video is available for viewing until August 30, 2021.

This short film arose out of meditations on the entwining issues of masks and anonymity. In ancient lore, Noppera-bo is a faceless ghost, a fantastical creature that sows fear. Noppera-bo seems to have re-emerged in the midst of this global pandemic;

where masks and face coverings, whether worn for health or cultural reasons, have become political, where anonymity protects faceless people who spread disinformation and hate through institutions and cyberspace, and fear and distrust are triggered by an unseen virus that can be carried by people who do not know they are contagious.

Denise Fujiwara

The greatest fears come faceless
      Noppera-bo. Noppera-bo. Faceless ghost.
Its visage obscured by darkness, cowled in lies.
      Fear sees me. I move through the veil of night.