Dear friends –

Still basking after the full moon of Summer Sesshin and our June Open Temple Intensive, I want to thank all our ancestors and teachers for this generous, inclusive koan practice; not just bright but dark, not just dark but bright, always changing and allowing.

Our teachers reminded us at sesshin that we are still writing The Blue Cliff Record. How great it is to feel a part of that. Yuanwu’s Blue Cliff was reputedly a place to experience a storm of beauty with monkeys, birds, green mountains, full moon light, caves of meditation and lively conversation on the record: Every day a good day! 

Link to all dharma talks from our Summer Sesshin: Dharma Theme – Summer in the Palace at the Blue Cliff

It is no surprise that our meetings and encounters, wherever they occur, hold up a mirror to Yuanwu’s gathering. I thank John Tarrant again and again for breaking us out of a tradition that had become enclosed—bringing the heart of the koan work back to conversation in community. 

We are still evolving.

You are part of this journey.

Thank you for all you are already bringing to PZI with your own light.

We do need your donations to keep the dharma lamps lit and wheels turning at PZI—this continuing project we are all part of, and our marvelous, generous teachers. We are all transitioning as we re-enter the world. Uncertainty is us, and we will weave our way to what feels ready and right for gathering.

Please give as freely as you can, to help move us all along in the teachings during this time of great change.

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—Thank You! & Warmest regards,
Corey Hitchcock, a.k.a. Interpreter of the Wild (PZI Wheel of Change)
& the PZI Leadership Team

Image: Writing In the Sky-,Kusho- Sinichi Maruyama (calligraphy performance)

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