What can I do? Mostly the koan answer is to let yourself feel what’s happening; there’s a sort of empathy that comes from not thinking that you’re separate from anything else. Love and kindness come from this understanding.

At this time of fire and recovery in Santa Rosa, we at PZI are doing our best to keep our doors open to people who would like to find a quiet place for respite, for refuge, for practice. We were lucky that the Santa Rosa center was spared any direct experience of the fire for now.

If you would like to help out, please make a donation. We have a community fund, which is likely to be called on in the next few weeks and months, as well as a general fund, which supports PZI as a whole and keeps our centers open.

Thanks from all of us.

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Through your generosity, you help people find their own path into awakening, keep our doors open to everyone regardless of means, support our teachers, and help our systems run smoothly.

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