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When you join, it helps. A lot. Thriving teachers mean a thriving dharma, and a thriving dharma might just mean a transformed world.

Pacific Zen Institute is a membership organization. That means regular donations from you and all our other members are the primary way we support our teachers, develop and fund programs, and pay for scholarships, rent, materials and staff. You are how we are able to do almost everything we do.

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Member Stories

Many of our members have offered stories of why they joined, and what it has meant to them. You can read Member Stories here.

Why else?

This is what you get:

  • Members are included on the PZI-Talk email list, our really interesting online discussion community. This is one of the ways we create a culture for transformation, through lively conversation and sharing of ideas.
  • Members have the opportunity to do regular individual work with PZI teachers, either in person or by phone or email. For more information about working individually with a teacher click here
  • Members get discounts on CDs and books and most PZI events and retreats.
  • You will receive a login for unlimited access to the KALPA – PZI’s vast archive of Dharma talks, blog posts, articles, audio and transcribed files from as far back as 1989, koan related art, Sutra Service files, specific Sesshin Dharma Talks, monthly updates from live streamed talks recorded at SRCZC and RMC and more – coming soon podcast readings from contributors in PZI’s online Magazine of Zen & the Arts: Uncertainty Club .
  • You will find that becoming a member deepens your practice. When you make a tangible commitment, something good happens; you recognize this is a living path and it’s about you.
  • Your contribution and participation make you a part of the development of Zen for our time. Thank you.


You make a regular monthly or quarterly donation or a significant yearly gift. A good guideline for membership is 1-2% of your gross income, but each person’s disposable income is different so we simply ask that you be as generous as you are able. This allows everyone, even starving artists and students, to become members of PZI. Your regular contribution makes you a member.  

Here is a guideline connecting yearly income and monthly membership:

— Basic membership for low or fixed income = $10/monthly
— $25,000 = $25/monthly
— $40,000 = $40/monthly
— $75,000 = $75/monthly
— $120,000 = $120/monthly +

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Contact Corey Hitchcock at 510-524-9575 or email corey@pacificzen.org to learn more, or to inquire about your current membership status.

Thank you for being part of PZI.

Pacific Zen Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and all funds gifted to us are tax deductible.

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Through your generosity, you help people find their own path into awakening, keep our doors open to everyone regardless of means, support our teachers, and help our systems run smoothly.

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The PZI Scholarship Fund

Your contributions to this fund go directly to help us offer generous scholarships for attendance at PZI Zen Online 1-day & 2-day retreats, and at our three annual 4-day sesshins in the PZI Digital Temple. There is no replacement for this generosity.

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