One day Changsha went wandering in the mountains. Upon returning, when he got to the gate, the head monk asked, “Where are you coming from, Master?”
Changsha said, “From wandering in the mountains,”
The head monk asked, “Where did you go?”
Sha said, “First I went pursuing the fragrant grasses, then I returned following the falling flowers.”
The head monk said. “How very much like the sense of springtime.”
Sha said, “It even surpasses the autumn dew dripping on the lotuses.”

—The Blue Cliff Record, Case 36

Koan Group Leadership

We teach our group leaders by the same process of group koan work: they work with the koans themselves and then facilitate other people to do the same.

The groups happen in different ways in different locations. Some groups happen through our established centers, with senior teachers nearby. A lot of times they happen farther afield. Some groups are beginning to meet in-person again, others are still meeting only online. Online groups will continue to be available.

PZI Membership is required to join these facilitated groups, and we recommend reading John Tarrant’s Bring Me The Rhinoceros and Other Zen Koans That Will Save Your Life, as an introduction to koan meditation work. 

PZI is in the process of reconfiguring our koan groups to accommodate beginning koan meditators
as well as more senior students and leaders.

Stay tuned! Want to connect?