When you are a member of Pacific Zen Institute you have the opportunity to work with teachers one-on-one, in person or in some cases via email or phone. You may connect with a teacher at one of our centers, at a workshop or retreat, or through their online teachings. Individual meetings are one of the ways to go deeper into your meditation and koan practice. You can contact the teacher and find out if they are available and would like to work with you as a student.

Working with a teacher is part of an active engagement with meditation and koans and with your own life and transformation.

You meditate daily and you let the koan into every part of your life. It is also beneficial to support your teacher financially, if you are able, through dana contributions, as well as to be a part of the PZI community by volunteering. You can talk to your teacher about ways to help out and be connected to the community, even if you live far away.

Visit our Teachers page for more information on each teacher and how to contact them.

“When my daughter died three years ago, I fought with grief and an inconsolable devastation. Koan study spoke to me but I didn’t know where it would take me. I trusted our teachers and came to value my time at retreat and in the interview room more than any work I had ever done in a therapist’s office. Things started changing first in my heart. I began to feel gratitude for my daughter’s life, which was so tough. And, over time, I realized that many of my cases started settling more quickly—and with less effort. My life wouldn’t be the same without PZI and our shared practices.”

—Melinda, Civil Rights Attorney

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