Desert Lotus Zen
Chandler, Arizona

When we meet:
Sundays 4-5:30pm, in 6-week series.
Where we meet: Valley Unitarian Universalist (VUU) Church – Classroom 2 (Classrooms are located on the west side of the church parking lot), 6400 W. Del Rio Street, Chandler, Arizona 85226

We begin our koan study group sessions with a twenty-five minute meditation period followed by tea and a koan conversation. Our group is led locally by Carla Thomas, Jason Fitzgerald and Tom Liffiton, while our holding teacher is Jon Joseph, Roshi, of the Portola Camp Zendo in San Mateo, California. We work with koans using a two-way process, considering how koans open our lives and what our lives teach us about koan work. We are guided by Zenosaurus, the innovative Short Course in Koans developed by John Tarrant, Roshi.

Working with koans in a group allows us to share with and learn from one another. Koan work reveals a brightness and openness to our lives that is independent of either our own perception of others or others’ perceptions of us. Then the freedom of the universe can be found within our own freedom.

You are invited to join us as we work together to explore koans and share our insights.

Contact Carla Thomas at [email protected] for further details, and see our website at