Temple Bell (MK1)


Stop the sound of that distant temple bell.

—Pacific Zen Miscellaneous Koans, Case 1

Audio September 30, 2022

The Distant Temple Bell – A Mysterious Task Koan

John Tarrant

Just listen! John Tarrant plays a John Cage soundscape – the sound itself is a gateway into everything. A Japanese general heard a bamboo flute after a difficult battle. The sound awakened him to practice and teach zen and to allow music in the zendo. Sound lets us listen to the world – it gives us our own lives. When we step into the here, we step into the infinite and stop being afraid. Something greater is never not here! Jordan McConnell plays guitar into the meditation. Comments for teachers and leaders. Sept. 25, 2022

64' 58"
Audio November 1, 2021

Fall Sesshin 2021: Koan Practice or Not? Going Beyond Form

David Weinstein

David Weinstein gives a morning dharma talk on being captured by the mystery and the koan, “Things are not as they appear, nor are they otherwise,” and on the metamorphosis of Monarchs on his windowsill. Constant change and the constancy of who you are do not contradict each other. As recorded Wednesday, October 20, 2021, in Fall Sesshin.

53' 32"
Misc September 30, 2020

Distant Temple Bell

Ellen Van Fleet

PZI Art: Ellen Van Fleet, Artist – Temple Bell, mixed media on paper.