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The Lion with Golden Hair


The tip of each hair on the golden-haired lion is itself a whole world, an image of all the galaxies, all piled together. This lion is warm-hearted, delighted with everything, having a generally good time no matter what kind of time we’re having.


So, the koan for this morning is a couple of great images:

A student asked, “What is the pure and everlasting body of reality?”

What does not change, what endures forever? I’m holding out for that! What endures, what does not change? We can feel that something always seems to be here. 

“What is the pure and everlasting body of reality?” 

And the teacher said—it happened to be the great teacher, Cloud Gate:

Yunmen said,  “A fence of flowers and healing herbs.”

The everlasting body of reality—the pure and everlasting body of reality is this thing that’s always changing. 

And then the student said, “Well, what about if I reach there?”
And the teacher said, “Golden-haired lion.” 

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