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Stinginess & the Storehouse of Treasures


PZI Zen Online -‘From the very beginning, nothing has been withheld.’ See Audio: Stinginess & the Storehouse of Treasures. The covid prompted hoarding, the contagion of ‘not enough’, but there are subtle ways our responses change and generosity appears. Without withholding, we allow even ‘disaster’ to unfold in a project as the universe in flow & at play. As recorded. (Tess begins with reading from Marie L. Von Franz -see text file)May 26, 2020.

Tess begins the talk with the below quote from Marie-Louise von Franz, underscoring the way holding the bodhisattva vows as koans is not about adhering to the rules but discovering the appropriate response one moment to the next.”
“It is a paradox. The task is to decide each time with your own conscience what is meant this time. And for that one has one’s own dreams (and one’s own practice!). General rules can only state a paradox, and in the actual individual situation there is no paradox. There is just one line: now I must act against all the rules; the next moment, I must not get contaminated. In the real situation it is something unique which has to be decided from one minute to another. If you take this attitude, life becomes a constant ethical adventure. This is why we are annoying to people who try to learn from us. We have no rules of behavior. Absolutely none. One has to keep one’s ears open and listen all the time to know that the innermost order of the Self at this minute is to do this, and the next moment not. But when moving in general commentaries, I shall always contradict myself–with honest conviction!”
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