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Dharma Theme: After the Dark and the Cold, Come the Blossoms – Spring Sesshin 2021


Curated links to Dharma talks, guided meditations, music, art, closing words, and more from Spring Sesshin 2021.

Our Spring Sesshin, Four Days & Five Nights in the Digital Temple
April 7-11, 2021

After the long cold and the dark night, the blossoms open one by one, then all at once.

A traveler was walking along, meditating as best he could, lost in the canyon shadows and the cold of winter. He rounded a bend and saw, on the opposite wall, a peach tree in full bloom. When he saw that tree, it opened his heart and mind. He said,

For thirty years I searched for a master swordsman,
how many times did the leaves fall,
and the branches burst into bud?
But from the moment I saw the peach blossoms,
I have had no doubts.

The world recognizes us—anything that touches us holds all meetings. We don’t need to know what happens next, we walk along in our own life now. Everything that will happen follows from the peach blossoms.

—John Tarrant & Friends: PZI Teachers Allison Atwill, Tess Beasley, Jesse Cardin, Jon Joseph, David Parks, Michelle Riddle, and David Weinstein

Spring Sesshin talks, music, and meditations

Opening Night  – Wednesday April 7

Day One
– Thursday April 8

Day Two
– Friday April 9

Day Three
– Saturday April 10

Day Four and Closing
– Sunday April 11

Coming soon:


  • Afternoon Sutra Service April 10th
  • Final Sutra Service April 11


  • Music for Meditation with Jordan McConnell – The Four Boundless Vows
  • Music for Meditation with Michael Wilding – Instrumental


All participants were sent a welcome letter package in the mail, including our Spring Sesshin art card (shown above) and bookmarks made from paintings on paper by Dennis Peak.

The artwork above is: Invitation#5, by Dennis Peak. Acrylic on canvas.