We are happy to announce that the third issue of Uncertainty Club, PZI’s online magazine of Zen and the arts, has been launched into the universe!

The issue features pieces by John Tarrant on the many fires of consciousness, Rachel Boughton on weaving together the world, and poems, questions, paintings, and tall tales.

In the collaborative, conversational spirit of PZI, the issue is not a complete finished artifact – it will be open for submissions for three more months, so we can grow the issue with new, lively, creative responses to the koan we have been circling around. See the About or Submit pages for more details.

In the meantime, enjoy what we have thus far provided. Creativity is at the heart of our practice.

“It’s like this: someplace in my mind, I sit in a hut on the outskirts of the town, and I weave together the strands, forward and back in time, all the while they are changing in my hands. I have to pay attention, even when I’m sleeping, to what is going on with the strands of spidersilk, to tie and knot and untie and tie again. I listen carefully, I keep my ear to the ground, and my nose to the wind. I observe the coming and going of the seasons. There are moments when nothing much is happening, when the baby is asleep, when the seeds under the ground germinate and the sun shines and the threads of the world are at peace with themselves. But we haven’t had so much of that recently.”

– Rachel Boughton

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