In these times, generosity and freedom are important.

PZI is a place where people can reliably go—regardless of their circumstances—and find companions and a practice.

At PZI, we make a habit of generosity. Our scholarship program is 10% of our budget and regular programs at our centers are free of charge. You can support PZI in many ways, but especially through membership, donations, and volunteering your time.

Become a Member Make A Donation Support Your Teacher

To pay for a special product, such as a book at retreat, or a change to retreat accommodations, please visit this payment page if your registrar instructs you to do so.

Pacific Zen Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.  

Giving by Check

For both membership and donations, online transactions are often easiest. To send a check, or for extra-large donations, you can mail it to:

Pacific Zen Institute
P.O. Box 2972
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Make checks payable to Pacific Zen Institute, with special instructions (such as “Teacher Gift for John Tarrant” or “Scholarship Fund”) on the subject line.


One of the best things to do in a community is to lend a hand. You get to know people better, you become more grateful for what others do, and the energy you give grows and becomes part of what sustains your practice. If you have useful skills you’d like to share (social media? flower arranging? cat herding?) let us know:

Free Giving

    • Amazon Smile offers a simple way to give to PZI every time you shop at their site. The first time you visit the link, you will need to select Pacific Zen Institute.  Then, every time you enter Amazon via and make an eligible purchase, a small percentage will be given to PZI.
    • EScrip is another easy way to give. Register your credit cards for online shopping or enroll with merchants who are community partners.
  • Many employers will also match your donation to PZI. Contact Corey with questions about any of these free giving programs.

Bequests and Long-Term Giving

  • Bequests (putting PZI in your will)
  • Donations of securities
  • Tangible gifts (houses, cars, ponies, etc.)
  • Starting an endowment fund


Contact Corey Hitchcock at (510) 524-9575 or email to learn more, or to inquire about your current Membership status or donation history.

Thank you again for who you are,
and all you give.

Yunyan said, “I understand.”

Daowu said, “Really? What do you understand?”
“There are hands and eyes all over the body.”
“That’s nicely put, but it’s not the whole picture.”
Yunyan said, “How would you put it?”
Daowu said, “All through the body are hands and eyes.”

Support Us

Through your generosity, you help people find their own path into awakening, keep our doors open to everyone regardless of means, support our teachers, and help our systems run smoothly.

Give Dana

The PZI Scholarship Fund

Your contributions to this fund go directly to help us offer generous scholarships for attendance at PZI Zen Online 1-day & 2-day retreats, and at our three annual 4-day sesshins in the PZI Digital Temple. There is no replacement for this generosity.

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