For many years PZI has been developing an intimate, conversational way of working with koans in groups, and holding wider conversations about Zen, creativity, and practice.

As part of this project, John Tarrant has developed “short courses” of six koans that can be taken up and worked with in small groups. He writes about these koans on his Zenosaurus blog. If you’d like to learn more about group practice, or see if there is a koan small group near you, click here. But you don’t need to be part of a group to work with these koans. You can browse and pick one to work with yourself, or let it pick you.

The links below take you directly to the study pages for each koan, on John Tarrant’s Zenosaurus blog:



Cold and Heat

Body of the Buddha

Stop the War

Turn Things Around

The Moon Sets at Midnight



The True Person of No Rank

I Don’t Know

Sixteen Bodhisattvas Take a Bath

Ghost Stories

Lost & Found

Hearing Sounds



The Great Koan “No”

Being Scorned and Despised

One Treasure Hidden in the Body





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