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Life Is Better When You Are A Part of Us: A Year's-End Letter from John Tarrant

Life Is Better When You Are A Part of Us: A Year’s-End Letter from John Tarrant

Hello friends,
Thank you for being a part of our Pacific Zen world. I’m very grateful to have you for company …

Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever

New Zennotes Blog Post: Simplest Meditation Instructions Ever
Rachel Boughton teaches at Pacific Zen Institute
(Go here for the Zennotes Blog Site)

old branch on Santa Rosa Creek

Enlightenment Day

An Essay by John Tarrant
December 8th,  by East Asian tradition, is Buddha’s enlightenment day. The story is used as a …

Chris Gaffney Pacific Zen Insitute

Chris and Coyotes in Conversation: Why Become a Member?

Chris Gaffney has been a PZI member for a rather long time now. He’s a Physics professor at CSU Chico …

Amy and the Old Madrone Tree: Why Become a Member?

Amy Robinson does many things, she’s a mother of young kids and a gardener and a social activist and a …

Margaret and the Welcoming World: Why Become a Member?

Margaret Duperly grew up in Jamaica and has lived in the US for 17 years., but her words still have …

Marion and Koans as Everyday Friends: Why Become a Member?

Marion Power is a nurse in Seattle and an intrepid walker all over the world. Here is why she is …

Asa on the Road: Why Become a Member?

Asa Horvitz grew up in Northern California and found out about Pacific Zen Institute from high school friends perhaps 10 …

Jesse is not a Joiner, but… Why Become a Member?

Jesse Cardin arrived at a PZI retreat in Northern California some years ago and found that koans worked well with …

Lee and The World in the Ten Directions: Why Become a Member?

Lee Allen found PZI’s Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center not too long after moving to Santa Rosa from Los Angeles. …

Cap’n Jimmy Abides: Why Become a Member?

Jim Snarski is also known as Captain Jimmy because he was a longtime commercial jet pilot and now flies small …

Zennotes: A Meditation Blog by Rachel Boughton

Recent post titled “To Self or Not to Self: Stepping off the 100 Foot Pole”
Rachel Boughton teaches at Pacific Zen …

A Beautiful Mistake

Student: I’m reaching for the light. Please help me. Teacher: Forget about the light. Give me the reaching.
—Zen koan
(This article …

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Bolinas Lily

Surprises on the Way: An Article By John Tarrant

The true traveler has no destination and no fixed time of arrival —Laozi
This is the stone, drenched …

Count the Stars in the Sky

Count the Stars in the Sky

Tonight I want to talk about a boring koan– “Count the stars in the sky.” There are some passages in life that …

You Don't Have to Know: Our Dark Materials

You Don’t Have to Know: Our Dark Materials

The whole of the ancient, master teachings on suffering come down to this: Suffering is the notion ‘This isn’t it.’
Freedom, …

Stories that Change Us Retreat

Stories that Change Us Retreat

 with John Tarrant in Santa Fe, NM
May 16 – 20, 2012