Here are requirements from the dragon to keep us all as safe as possible.

They are long-ish but necessary to ensure your happiness and wellbeing and the safety of all attendees and facility staff.

Protocol for Onsite Rapid Testing 

When you arrive, go directly to our onsite PZI check-in table outside the main building. 

—NO ONE may enter any building at the venue until they have taken a Covid rapid test at the check-in table. A PZI host will be there to greet you. Every person will test upon arrival and wait outside to get their result. The host will check and register your status before you may enter any building. 

Please BYO rapid test. PZI will have some available if you cannot get ahold of your own test.

Before Your Arrival at Retreat


—To ensure we’re all as safe as possible and can relax together, we require that everyone be vaccinated and boosted, INCLUDING the bivalent vaccine, and do their own rapid test or PCR test before arriving.

—Before arrival, everyone WILL NEED TO SEND their proof of vaccination and booster to [email protected].

Covid Testing at Home

—We ask everyone to do their own at-home Covid rapid test 3-5 days prior to arrival (no closer than 48 hours) before your expected arrival on site.

—It is ideal to confirm a negative result with a second test, leaving 24 hours between tests, especially if you are traveling from a great distance.

Travel Protocol

—From the time of your first test to the time of your arrival, as best you can, we recommend that you minimize contact with large crowds and/or wear N95 or KN95 masks (or double mask if you do not have access to N95s).

—If you are traveling by public transportation, i.e., planes, trains, or buses, etc., please stay masked.

—Please bring at least one rapid test to the venue to test upon arrival (and have one in reserve, if needed.) If you cannot get ahold of a rapid test, PZI will have a few on hand.

**DOUBLY IMPORTANT: If by chance you test positive, please let the registrar know ASAP so we can discuss your situation.**

Inquiries: [email protected]

This info is current as of March 2024