Ordinary Mind Is The Way: An Urban Retreat on Exalting the Ordinary

with David Weinstein
May 19-21, 2017
Oakland, CA

Pigeons are a pretty ordinary sight in the urban environment, yet they are incredibly complex and intelligent creatures. The Urban Retreat format is designed with an eye toward the integration of our ordinary lives and meditation practice.

It is an opportunity to discover amazing ordinary things inside our ordinary selves, our ordinary lives. 

Pigeons are one of only a small number of species to pass the ‘mirror test’ of self-recognition, they can also recognize letters of the alphabet and even distinguish different humans in a photograph. They mate for life and both female and male pigeons share responsibility of caring for and raising their young. Both sexes take turns incubating the eggs and both feed the chicks ‘pigeon milk’ – a special secretion which both sexes produce.

As you move back and forth between the retreat space and your ordinary life, the transitions themselves provide occasions to become more intimate with what we assume to be the dividing line between “retreat” and “life.” During lunch and dinner breaks, participants are free to explore local neighborhood restaurants or to have a brown bag picnic in the meditation room or out on the deck, weather permitting. There are opportunities for both group and private conversation about meditation practice. 

An exploration into the way of the ordinary can be as vast and boundless as outer space.


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David Weinstein, Roshi is the Director of the Rockridge Meditation Community, where he teaches regularly. As the Senior Supervising Teacher of PZI he oversees the teacher training program. He is interested in discovering Zen practice in the midst of ordinary life and is especially interested helping people cultivate an appreciation of koan practice as a way of recognizing our lives as works of art.



Registrar & Scholarships
John Williamson, email nomoneywilliamson@gmail.com

$75, Members; $100, Non-Members. (Become a Member)

Rockridge Meditation Community, 5463 College Ave, Oakland, CA

Friday, May 19th at 7:30pm to Sunday, May 21 12:00pm.

Fri. –  Begins 7:30 pm
Saturday – 9:30am–6pm
Sunday – 9:30am–12:00pm

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