DAllenWhen we meet: 
Early Monday evenings for 6-8 week series, with breaks in between. Occasional Saturday daylong events.

Where we meet:
McGowen House on the St. James Church campus in Monterey.
Contact D Allen for more information.

We’re a diverse group of meditators who live on the Monterey Peninsula, and we welcome more voices. We share conversation and koans to discover what’s right here but usually goes unnoticed…our deep, everyday life. With koans, we peer into the vastness of who we are, we get lost, and we’re surprised by the weirdness and wonder of our world. We notice we can rest in our pain as well as our joy. We find refuge with each other and in waking up together.

For more information, contact:

D Allen – lindobird@gmail.com or (831) 620-5030

Facebook: www.facebook.com/koanmeditationsalonmonterey

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