Marion Yakoushkin is a nurse in New York state and an intrepid walker all over the world. Her background is in the world of Tibetan Buddhism and especially the energetic and dynamic community of seekers and students who studied with the late Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She has been coming to California to retreats with PZI in the last few years as well as attending John Tarrant’s retreats in Seattle and New York state. She leads a koan small group in New York.

Here is what Marion says about joining PZI:

Koans work in everyday situations; even lying in bed in the morning with a koan can be profound!  I’ve had the surprising experience of renewal of my meditation practice with the introduction of koan work. I can explore and experience simple movement (sometimes transformation) in the ways I think, perceive, and feel while keeping company with a koan. Koans are gently radical in that they take me to new territory that is also familiar.

John is ordinary, funny, kind, and an excellent teacher of accepting the now, and working from that point.  He understands and teaches the magic and inherent love in being who we are. I have become more kind to myself.

The PZI community is a diverse group of natural, smart, good people with genuine heart.

Koans really are a friend; they have a life that connects with my life.  We work together.



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Marion is intrepid.