It’s Alive! Zen

Me at sesshinWhenever we meditate, the whole world meditates with us.  When we move, ripples flow outward in all directions and when the wind rustles through the trees, something in us rustles, too. It’s good to have company. We don’t get enlightened on our own–even the uneven sidewalks and crunchy autumn leaves play their part–and even if we did awaken in isolation there would be no one with whom to share the luminous life we’d found.


The It’s Alive! Zen community in San Antonio, Texas is guided by Jesse Cardin Sensei. It offers a great way to get your feet wet with koans and meditation in a friendly and informal setting.  Sitting with us does not require any previous experience with Zen, meditation or koans, and in fact being clueless is probably your best bet anyway.

When we meet: Wednesdays, 6:30 – 7:30pm

Where we meet: First Unitarian Universalist Church (Sophia Room), 7150 Interstate 10 Frontage Road, San Antonio, TX 78213

For more information, contact Jesse at, or visit the center website:

p.s. Jesse’s blog about koans and life is also called It’s Alive!, and you can find it at