San Mateo Zen Community

The San Mateo Zen Community is a welcoming group of Silicon Valley and San Francisco professionals, homemakers, craftspeople and students, who meet to explore and practice Zen. We gather on Monday evenings and on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Learn more.

It’s Alive! Zen

The It’s Alive! Zen community in San Antonio, Texas is guided by Jesse Cardin, Roshi. It offers a great way to get your feet wet with koans and meditation in a friendly and informal setting. Learn more.

Bluegrass Zen

Bluegrass Zen is guided by David Parks, Roshi. Its main center is in central Kentucky, but there is a related sitting group in California, where David lived and taught for many years. Learn more.

Illustration by Jackson Randall

Coral Moon Zen

Coral Moon Zen enjoys the guidance of artist and teacher Allison Atwill, Roshi. We meet in a private Santa Barbara home on Thursday evenings, for four koan series per year. Learn more.

Koan Small Groups

Koan Small Groups meet in many places and in many ways, from New York to Oaxaca. They are a Pacific Zen Institute innovation. When we work with koans in a group, we learn to embrace whatever in our lives rises to meet the koan, and we learn to listen. These groups, which meld meditation, conversation, and discovery, are a great way to start working with koans and find companions on the journey. To learn about our current groups, click here.

Affiliates and Friends

Here you will find a few other places where teachers or leaders offer meditation with koans.

Other Ways to Connect

If you are not close to a PZI center or a Koan Small Group, there are other ways to be part of the community. Look here to find them.