The Pacific Zen Institute’s home base and original location is the Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center in northern California. But we have regional centers, small koan study groups, and affiliates and friends across the country and globe.

If you are looking for a teacher or for companions on the way, look through the list below.

If you are not close to a zendo or a Koan Small Group, don’t dismay. There are other ways to be part of the community:

  • You can become a member, which offers you the opportunity to work with a teacher from afar and to participate in PZI-Talk, our lively, thoughtful members-only listserv.
  • You can attend a retreat. We offer retreats in many formats, and are as generous with scholarships as we can be.
  • You can watch dharma talks by our teachers and leaders on our site and our Vimeo channel.
  • Or you can study John Tarrant’s online course at Zenosaurus

At any of our zendos or in any of our groups, in person or online, we meet each other just as we are. No experience is necessary. Really, you only have to be alive and curious about the journey.



(with guiding teachers, a dedicated location, and ongoing programs, including occasional Koan Small Groups)



(with local or online teachers or leaders – click here for more information about each one)

  • Open Door Interfaith Zen – Santa Rosa, CA
  • Rio del Mar Meditation – Santa Cruz, CA
  • Koan Meditation Salon Monterey Bay – Carmel, CA
  • Grass Valley/Nevada City Koan Groups – Nevada City, CA
  • Roseburg Zen – Roseburg, OR
  • Seattle Koan Discussion Groups – Seattle and Renton, WA
  • Santa Fe Rhino Book Group – Santa Fe, NM
  • Desert Lotus Zen – Tempe, AZ
  • Bottomless Bucket: Meditation with Koans – Kansas City, MO
  • Knoxville Koan Study Group – Knoxville, TN
  • Hudson Valley Koan Group – online, based in NY
  • Koan Meditacion Salon Oaxaca – Oaxaca, Mexico



(other places where you can find meditation with koans)

  • Awakened Life and Open Source communities – New Mexico and Colorado – Both of these sanghas are part of Joan Sutherland’s teaching lineage, and offer koans as a gate to awakening.
  • Dharma Buffet – Chico, CA – Physics professor and PZI student Chris Gaffney offers a koan on the 4th Thursday of each month.
  • College Zen (Franklin & Marshall Buddhist and Meditation Group) – Lancaster, PA – Christopher Peterson leads regular meditation with and without koans.