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2 Zenosaurus: Transparent Poems 2 – Transparent Poems & Poems that are Journals


Zenosaurus: Through poems like this I keep an erratic journal of the thoughts that I don’t quite understand—the thoughts outside my usual thoughts. They don’t have a punch line.

Transparent Poems 2 – Zenosaurus

Stanley Kunitz is a poet I don’t know well, but recently I dreamed of finding a lost poem by him. Then I wrote about transparent poetry that allows the world to be visible through it, and a friend sent me this:

I never tire of birdsong and sky and weather. I want to write poems that
are natural, luminous, deep, spare. I dream of an art so transparent that
you can look through and see the world.

Stanley Kunitz
Paris Review Interview The Art of Poetry 29
“I like the rhymes in the universe.”
Thanks to Allison Atwill