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Dharma Theme: The Teachings of Great Master Ma


PZI Dharma Theme: The teachings of Mazu. A curated list of references from our KALPA Library, on this old teacher in our lineage.

Zen Master Ma



Audio link: Markers of the Way: Curiosity, Epiphany, Intimacy, Kindness, with John Tarrant on Sunday February 7, 2021.

Text link: How Many Times Have I Gone There for You? with John Tarrant, Summer Sesshin 2020

Audio link: There you Are! with David Weinstein, Fall Sesshin 2020

Audio link: The Koan Raft with Jon Joseph, Fall Sesshin 2020

Audio link: Vials of Light with John Tarrant, Summer Sesshin 2020

Audio link: What is Your Response? with Michelle Riddle, June 2020

Text – Transcription link: The Method of Zen with John Tarrant

Audio link: Layman Pang with Sarah Bender, May 20, 2020

Meditation link: 25 Minutes on The whole Purpose of Your Life with John Tarrant

Text link: All sessions Fall Sesshin 2020 – Gathering in the Valley of Our Time

Koans: “The whole purpose of your life rests in the current matter”  A meditation with John Tarrant. PZI PZI Dharma Theme: Collected links on a theme: “When you must go where you have not gone before, make a raft of your practice for others.”