Zoom Zen

Audio May 11, 2020

The Woman at the Inn – PZI Zen Online – Recorded May 10

John Tarrant

Audio: Zen Online. John Tarrant on Mother’s Day sits with Hakuin’s : ‘The Woman at the the Inn’. Everything shines with a great light. Even in the shit! The mind thinks- not here, this can’t be it. Includes music by Ritchie Domingue, Jordan McConnell and Amy Fletcher.

101' 56"
Audio April 24, 2020

‘Peach Blossoms’ Meditation & Talk Recorded April 19th with John Tarrant

John Tarrant

‘Peach Blossoms’ – With John Tarrant, Roshi as recorded online, April 19 2020: Meditation & Dharma Talk plus comments from participants. Seeing the crimson of the peach blossoms across a canyon after seeking 30 years, a teacher is enlightened.

83' 38"
Audio April 21, 2020

‘Learning Speech & Silence’ Meditation & Talk Recorded April 13

Jon Joseph

Awakening in Zen is coming to realize the deepest relationship of interdependence we have with all things. And when we realize we are not alone, we feel supported, and free. The world becomes a place not of opposition, but of alliance.

53' 24"
Audio April 21, 2020

‘Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature? NO!’ PZI Zen Online Recorded April 9th, 2020

David Parks

Does a Dog Have Buddha Nature? NO! Allowing the things of the world to come close and open the heart to the enormity of what this is.

52' 15"
Audio April 9, 2020
89' 29"
Audio April 8, 2020

‘Not Knowing is Most Intimate’ – Zen Online – Recorded April 3

Sarah Bender

Zoom Zen – Sarah Bender, Roshi reflects on the intimacy of not knowing, the nearness of all of us in this dreamy emergent time. Wandering and not knowing are allies now. As recorded Friday, April 3rd, includes: Sarah’s intro & Dharma talk, silent meditation segments and sharing.

91' 1"
Audio March 29, 2020

Freely I Watch the Tracks of the Flying Birds – PZI Zoom Zen: Mar. 29th

John Tarrant

John Tarrant – Zoom Zen meditation Session recorded Sun. March 29th, 2020 – The session includes: John’s intro and the koan, a long silent meditation segment with music, guitar by Jordan McConnell. (Music is as recorded via Zoom, so not as pristine as in person) As recorded: John speaks meditation instructions and the koan throughout meditation segment followed by a talk and some comments. Closing: Bells, violin, 4 vows – PZI Cantor, Amaryllis Fletcher.

74' 42"