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Text November 23, 2022
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Video July 12, 2022

A Koan Can Hold Your Attention for You

Tess Beasley

In the vessel of sesshin, attention can move freely and find myriad places of rest. A koan can hold you when you don’t know where to go. From a talk in Summer Sesshin, June 15, 2022. 1 minute.

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Video July 11, 2022

What It Is to Take Part in the Gathering

Michelle Riddle

Sesshin is an opportunity to experience your own true nature, to help hold the retreat vessel for yourself and everyone else, and for not skipping out on what is troubling you. From a talk on the first day of Summer Sesshin, June 14, 2022. 10 minutes.

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Audio February 3, 2021

Through Winter Silence: Solo Voyage to Tahiti or Not

Allison Atwill

Winter Sesshin: Through Winter Silence into the New Light. Allison Atwill takes us on a solo sailing journey—a metaphor for sesshin and our lives. Dharma talk recorded on January 17, 2021.

45' 31"