Audio November 29, 2020

The Journey into Awakening – Kindnesses in Your Wild Temple

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online – People go to wild places to find their true nature? The wild is here right now in your own wild temple. Anything can happen in the wildness of now. Small kindnesses that open into the silence. The universe is so rich in destinations that you are already at one! The beauty of joining in meditation in difficult times. Complete session recorded Nov. 29, 2020. 1 hour – Music from Jordan McConnell , Amaryllis Fletcher.

65' 3"
Audio November 24, 2020

The Journey Into Awakening – An Impossible Task

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online – The Journey Into Awakening: A story excerpted especially for this Covid lockdown Thanksgiving. A woman gets a task that seems impossible and which she must practice without fail for a year. As recorded Nov 22, 17 minutes.

17' 2"