Summer Sesshin 2021

Audio July 19, 2021

I Share Your Joy! Overheard Conversations – Evening Words

David Weinstein

David Weinstein sends participants off for the evening with words – how things are shared and handed on. 7 minutes.

6' 13"
Audio July 19, 2021

All Through the Body – Your Unique Recipe for Awakening

Allison Atwill

We are exhausted by our own agendas – In Chan the Bodhisattva of Great Mercy vows to stay until all beings are awakened. Her primary bond is with uncertainty. Your recipe for awakening is only for you.

55' 15"
Audio July 19, 2021

Musical Meditation

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding – an original composition on flute, recorded during sesshin.

4' 58"


Dharma Theme July 19, 2021

Dharma Theme: Summer Sesshin 2021 in the Palace at the Blue Cliff

John Tarrant, PZI Cantor & Musicians, PZI Teachers

Here is a curation of sesshin dharma talks on a single page, for easy finding and listening. A sesshin is always more than the sum of its parts or its recorded talks. There are morning rituals, greetings, incense passed magically through the screen, changing light, rich silences, moments of humor, tech gremlins, tears, synchronicities, dogs barking, dreams and awakenings that we share. It is a precious moment of timeless play in the universe and with each other. As recorded in the PZI Digital Temple, June 22-27, 2021.

5 Words
Audio July 19, 2021

Direct Encounters with the Big Questions of the Blue Cliff Record

Tess Beasley

Tess Beasley ‘Opens the mouth of the dead ‘ – a quote from Carl Jung. And revisits the big questions at the heart of zen, like: ‘Who am I? ‘, ‘What is the Way?’ and the turning words of zen handed down at the Blue Cliff.

57' 14"
Audio July 19, 2021

The Great Collaborators of The Blue Cliff Record

John Tarrant

John Tarrant introduces us to the great collaborative group of teachers including Yunmen, who worked on the Blue Cliff record with Yuanwu.

43' 20"
Audio July 19, 2021
60' 15"
Audio July 19, 2021

A Blue Cliff Record Journey of Not Picking & Choosing

John Tarrant

You are a stowaway in a wild koan journey of picking & choosing told by John Tarrant. He recounts the adventures, awakening and conversations of the great teachers gathered at the Blue Cliff with Yuanwu.

48' 31"
Audio July 15, 2021

Music- Oh What A Beautiful City!

Ryan McCoy

Ryan McCoy channels The Reverend Gary Davis as he sings this blues standard.

3' 14"
Audio July 15, 2021

Opening Eve of Summer Sesshin

John Tarrant, Jon Joseph, Tess Beasley

John Tarrant and Tess Beasley welcome everyone to Summer Sesshin. Participants add their voices to the vessel of sesshin. Music from Jordan McConnell. Cantor: Amaryllis Fletcher – Closing words from Jon Joseph.

78' 34"
Audio July 15, 2021
61' 50"
Audio July 15, 2021

Yuanwu & Great Masters of the Blue Cliff

John Tarrant

Second evening talk of the Summer Sesshin 2021- John Tarrant introduces the great master of the Blue Cliff and the great questions and koans of his awakening.

57' 57"