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Dharma Theme August 1, 2023

Dharma Theme: Friendships & Meetings – Relationships in the Dao, Then & Now

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Zen is about meeting—we make friends with each koan and allow the universe to work with and through us. The sweetness, and even the gnarly bits of friendship are part of the intimacy at the center of meeting. In the field of connectedness we discover things we can’t discover on our own.

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Video July 6, 2017

Peace and Puppets

Steven Grant

While ducking projectile pillows, Steven discusses the student/teacher relationship, internalized pain, and the issues of self-deception – through the use of puppets.

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Video July 6, 2017

Dongshan – Meeting a Face from Long Ago

John Tarrant

“It’s passed midnight, the moon has not risen, in the thick, deep dark, you meet a face from long ago: but you don’t recognize them. No need to be surprised by this.”

John Discusses koan tradition, the “five steps” of enlightenment, and communication between student and teacher.

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