Audio April 26, 2020

Knock on Any Door, Someone Will Answer – Meditation & Talk Recorded April 21

Allison Atwill

Audio: Allison sits with the beautiful preface to the Blue Cliff Record – before Bodhidharma’s encounter with Emperor Wu. Noticing our strategies of controlling experience, which shut life out. Issa’s story of love and loss. As recorded April 21st.

85' 15"
Audio December 5, 2019

Going Straight on the Road with 99 Curves

John Tarrant

John Tarrant on working with different koan types: Predicament: Stone crypt, Situational: Taking the form of Koan Yin, Mysterious: From a well that has not been dug. John’s early work with koans; ‘tactics and strategies’ that weren’t working until he found himself laughing at his own mind. That was the gate: Going straight on the road with 99 curves. There’s no difference between ‘Life’ and ‘MY life’. What we can do for each other is open our hearts and be there together.

50' 38"