sitting meditation

Audio September 10, 2020

Audio Excerpt: One Lamp Lights Another – Yunmen with John Tarrant Roshi

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online – Audio Excerpt – A lamp as an image to sit with from John’s Sunday Sept 6th Dharma talk: ‘Yunmen Has a Light and So Do You’. A koan for September and end of summer. The dharma is one lamp that lights another but is never extinguished. That lamp is yours. Meditation is any moment of sanity when I am not caught by demons of delusion. As recorded Sept 6 2020

23' 7"
Audio April 9, 2020

Save A Ghost -PZI Zen Online Recorded April 8th

Jesse Cardin

Zoom Zen Audio – Jesse Cardin Roshi takes us on a journey to the underworld through myth and story; Odysseus, Circe, Hades. As recorded includes: intro to the koan ‘Save a Ghost’, 2 silent meditation segments, talk and shared comments.

89' 18"
Audio April 9, 2020
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Audio April 8, 2020

Not Knowing is Most Intimate – PZI Zen Online Recorded April 3

Sarah Bender

Zoom Zen – Sarah Bender, Roshi reflects on the intimacy of not knowing, the nearness of all of us in this dreamy emergent time. Wandering and not knowing are allies now. As recorded Friday, April 3rd, includes: Sarah’s intro & Dharma talk, silent meditation segments and sharing.

91' 1"
Audio March 30, 2020

Stop the Dogs Barking at Midnight! – PZI Zoom Zen: Mar. 24th

Allison Atwill

Zoom Zen Audio – Allison talks us through the first indications of our new normal. Tenderness for the smallest things. Her talk is first and then a silent meditation with the koan: ‘Stop the dogs barking at midnight!’, poems & reflections afterward.

63' 14"
Audio March 29, 2020

Freely I Watch the Tracks of the Flying Birds

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online: The session includes John’s intro and koan, a long silent meditation segment with guitar by Jordan McConnell. John gives the koan and other guidance throughout the meditation segment followed by a talk and some comments. Closing bells, violin, & 4 vows with PZI Cantor Amaryllis Fletcher. As recorded March 29, 2020.

74' 42"
Misc November 27, 2017