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Video July 15, 2022

Noticing What Is Sharp & What Is Round

David Weinstein

We are more interwoven when noticing and appreciating the particular qualities of things. When you see yourself in all things, you are seeing with your ears and hearing with your eyes. From a talk in PZI’s Summer Sesshin, June 16, 2022. 11 minutes.

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Video July 12, 2022

Seeing Things as They Are

Tess Beasley

What is it that gets between us and the world, especially when meeting other humans? Tess leads an exercise in staying in the encounter when seeing each other. From a dharma talk in Summer Sesshin, June 15, 2022. 3 minutes.

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Audio July 29, 2020

Seeing Clearly & Otherwise

Tess Beasley

Audio PZI Zen Online: The strange and convenient mystery of our sight – our vision. A sensory foundation for exploring in our meditation practice. What does seeing clearly entail? Soetie we overlay with our preoccupations and stories of what is happening – these can obscure and also point the way to new findings. Just for you honored one. Tess introduces this sutra and the story of ‘Great Wisdom’ inquiring about enlightenment.

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