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Text January 18, 2022

PZI Rinzai Rakusu Pattern – Sew Your Own Rakusu

Pacific Zen Institute, PZI Teachers

Here are the basic instructions on sewing your own rakusu. A task not to be taken on lightly and better in a group – even if you are separated but can compare notes. Every piece of the rakusu is symbolic and important for the four guardians at the corners to the ring and the final stitched golden mountain brand on the neck band.

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Audio August 5, 2021

Special Program: 4 Teachers & 4 Boundless Vows – Complete Session

Allison Atwill, John Tarrant, Jon Joseph, Jordan McConnell, Michael Wilding, Michelle Riddle, Tess Beasley

On practice and path: become the Way, and illumination is always with you. A dive into the sources, history, and meaning of the 4 Great Bodhisattva Vows; how PZI teachers and students work with them towards the ceremony of Refuge and taking up the path. Each teacher takes up one of the Vows. Teachers chant and intone Vows in English and Sino-Japanese; Michael Wilding recites, Jordan McConnell singing and on guitar. Complete session recorded August 1, 2021.

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Audio July 13, 2021

Refuge Ceremony in Winter Sesshin

PZI Teachers

Evening refuge ceremony with PZI Teachers, in Winter Sesshin. As recorded January 20, 2018.

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