Poet- John Tarrant


Poem February 26, 2021

The Names and Shapes of Things

John Tarrant

Bandicoots, wombats, and numbats surely do look as you would expect anything with such a name might, and there’s something wondrous about that. Musings and poem on how the world appears from silence, John Tarrant Roshi.

298 Words
Audio February 4, 2021

Handing Things on in the Dark – Friendship

John Tarrant

Zen is about meetings, the courage to meet and be a friend. Even the gnarly bits of friendship are part of it, the mystery of connection. You don’t have to be good at love—better to be in it. In the field of connectedness we discover things we can’t discover on our own. Audio excerpt from Sunday with John Tarrant, Handing Things on in the Dark, PZI Zen Online. As recorded Jan. 31, 2021. 18 minutes.

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