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Audio March 11, 2024

Isn’t This the Sound? A Night of Celtic Pub Music in the Zendo

Jordan McConnell

It is a grand tradition in Irish and Scottish pubs for musicians to join jam sessions which break up only when the sun peeks over the hayfields. That kind of amazing musical collaboration involves hundreds of songs over dozens of hours. Jordan McConnell: “We would be in the middle of a piece of music and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Something’s about to change, but I’ve no idea what’s coming up.’ Then my hand goes to where it needs to be and my mind just follows along.”

74' 26"
Audio October 12, 2023

Music for Meditation: 5 Solos from Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

We are fortunate to have incredible original music from talented musicians in our Sunday temple meditations and PZI retreats. Here are five guitar solos composed and performed by Jordan McConnell in 2023.

26' 4"
Audio August 2, 2023

The Music of 10,000 Things

Jon Joseph

Jon Joseph on the sounds of the world as the music of the universe. Summer Sesshin 2019.

48' 54"
Video February 24, 2023

The Vows with Amaryllis and Jesse

Amaryllis Fletcher, Jesse Cardin

From a Sunday Zen session with John Tarrant (What Is This?): Amaryllis plays a violin intro for Jesse’s rendition of the Four Vows on bongos and vocals. 3-minute clip recorded February 19, 2023.

2' 50"
Video February 14, 2023

The Transformation in Things: Music for Meditation with Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell plays music for meditation during Sunday Zen: The Transformation in Things with John Tarrant & Friends. December 18, 2022.

5' 48"
Video January 25, 2023

Music for the Transformation in Things

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell on guitar, as recorded during Sunday Zen with John Tarrant on December 18th, 2022. 5 Minutes.

5' 48"
Video November 2, 2022

Ancestral Stories: A Balkan Lament

Amanda Boughton

Amanda Boughton sings a Croatian song of connection to the land and flocks of sheep tended there. Recorded during the Ancestral Stories Retreat, October 30, 2022. 4 minutes.

3' 4"
Audio October 24, 2022

Fall Sesshin 2022: Jordan McConnell Sings Now Westlin Winds

Jordan McConnell

A gorgeous lilting ballad, “Now Westlin’ Winds,” sung a cappella by Jordan McConnell, of all things red thread and the passions of fall: hunters shooting, wild birds taking flight, and the field of love. The ballad is also known as “Song composed in August,” a Robert Burns song-poem, written around 1783. Recorded on October 7th, 2022 in Fall Sesshin.

4' 45"
Audio September 23, 2022

Music for Meditation: Variations on Summertime

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding plays music for meditation, riffing on the Summertime theme. Recorded during the September 4, 2022 Sunday Session with John Tarrant.

6' 55"
Video August 17, 2022

Music with Jordan: The Four Boundless Vows

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell plays and sings the Four Boundless Vows for John Tarrant’s Sunday Session on May 22, 2022.

2' 0"
Video June 19, 2022

Magical Meetings: Jordan McConnell’s Music for Meditation

Jordan McConnell

Music for meditation, recorded on June 12, 2022, during John Tarrant’s Sunday Session. Jordan McConnell’s improvisation on guitar. 9-minute video.

7' 39"
Audio June 9, 2022
7' 54"
Audio June 8, 2022

Your Own Heart Mind – Music for Meditation

Michael Wilding

Michael plays a solo improvisation during John Tarrant’s Sunday meditation. Recorded June 5, 2022. 9 minutes.

9' 35"
Audio June 6, 2022

Flute Solo for Meditation with Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding’s improv on flute, recorded Sunday, May 2022, during John Tarrant’s What Is This? Sunday Session. 5 minutes.

5' 35"
Audio May 8, 2022

Zen Is Poetry: Music for Meditation with Jiashan’s State of Mind

Jordan McConnell

Meditation on the koan, What Is Jiashan’s State of Mind, is accompanied by Jordan McConnell’s musical improvisation on guitar. Recorded on May 1, 2022, during John Tarrant’s Zen Is Poetry Sunday Talk.

4' 59"
Audio March 25, 2022

Music for The Lost Cities

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell plays a guitar solo for exploring the lost cities during John Tarrant’s Sunday Talk on March 20, 2022.

5' 46"
Audio March 25, 2022

Music for Treasures of the Lost Cities – Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding plays flute for exploring the lost cities, during John Tarrant’s Sunday Talk on March 20, 2022.

5' 5"
Audio March 15, 2022

Singing the Four Boundless Vows with Amanda Boughton

Amanda Boughton

Amanda Boughton sings and accompanies herself on ukelele. Recorded February 4th 2022, at Winter Sesshin.

3' 1"
Audio March 15, 2022

The Four Boundless Vows with Amanda Boughton

Amanda Boughton

Amanda Boughton sings and accompanies herself on the ukelele. Recorded at Fall Sesshin. February 2022.

49' 9"
Audio March 9, 2022

Disorderly Karmic Consciousness: Sax Solo

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding adds his original music on saxophone to John Tarrant’s meditation session. As recorded live on Sunday March 6, 2022. 6 minutes.

6' 2"
Audio March 9, 2022

The Journey Itself Is Home: Travelers in Eternity, Music with Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding plays an exquisite solo during meditation. From John Tarrant’s Sunday session, recorded on February 20, 2022.

6' 18"
Audio March 7, 2022

Music: The Journey Itself Is Home

Michael Wilding

Solo saxophone music for meditation from Michael Wilding. From John Tarrant’s Sunday session, recorded February 20, 2022.

6' 18"
Audio March 1, 2022

Chanting the Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell sings the Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani to ward off danger and to dispel demons the nine times required for its magic to take hold. Recorded February 27, 2022. Introduced by John Tarrant.

6' 12"
Audio December 28, 2021
6' 3"
Audio December 10, 2021

The 4 Boundless Vows: New Guitar or Old?

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell plays the Four Boundless Vows on a new guitar—or maybe an old one? It has a distinctive sound worth a listen. Recorded December 5th, 2021. 3 minutes.

2' 40"
Audio December 9, 2021

Where Do Songs Come From? A Musical Conversation

Jon Joseph, Jordan McConnell, Michael Wilding

Where do songs come from? “Maybe nowhere! They are just here, waiting for us to get out of the way and let them in.” Jordan McConnell and Michael Wilding converse about music, play riffs in response to each others’ inspirations, and then share their histories: how they found meditation and music, and how one practice influences the other. Hosted by Jon Joseph Roshi on November 29, 2021.

74' 18"
Audio September 24, 2021

The 4 Boundless Vows, in Harmony

Jon Joseph

A beautiful version of the 4 Boundless Vows for 2 harmonizing voices. It blooms! Thanks to Rose Joseph & her friend Delfine. As recorded during Jon Joseph’s Monday evening talk on September 20th, 2021.

1' 56"
Audio September 10, 2021

Where Do Songs Come From? Jon Joseph with Musicians Jordan McConnell & Jesse Cardin

Jesse Cardin, Jon Joseph, Jordan McConnell

Musicians Jordan McConnell and Jesse Cardin join Jon Joseph to share elements of music practice and their creative relatedness to koan work.

77' 59"
Audio August 5, 2021

Special Program: 4 Teacher & 4 Boundless Vows – Jordan McConnell sings

Jordan McConnell

Special Program on the 4 Boundless Vows. Musician Jordan McConnell’s amazing sung version. Excerpt from the Sunday session recorded August 1, 2021.

2' 32"
Audio July 19, 2021

Musical Meditation

Michael Wilding

Music during meditation: Michael Wilding plays an original composition on flute. Recorded during Summer Sesshin.

4' 58"


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