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Audio October 12, 2023

Music for Meditation: 5 Solos from Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

We are fortunate to have incredible original music from talented musicians in our Sunday temple meditations and PZI retreats. Here are five guitar solos composed and performed by Jordan McConnell in 2023.

26' 4"
Audio March 29, 2023

Red Thread Music for Meditation

Michael Wilding

Original music inspired by and for meditation, improvised by artist and musician Michael Wilding. Michael plays a wide range of instruments including saxophone, flute, didgeridoo and drums. From the Red Thread Sunday Zen session with guest host Tess Beasley, recorded March 26, 2023.

5' 47"
Audio March 23, 2023

Sickness & Medicine – Deep Listening with Music

Michael Wilding

Sickness and medicine relate to listening—listening very intently and deeply to the song, the voices of the moment we are in. Music from Michael Wilding from a Sunday Zen session with John Tarrant & Friends recorded March 5, 2023.

6' 51"
Video February 14, 2023

The Transformation in Things: Music for Meditation with Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell plays music for meditation during Sunday Zen: The Transformation in Things with John Tarrant & Friends. December 18, 2022.

5' 48"
Video January 25, 2023

Music for the Transformation in Things

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell on guitar, as recorded during Sunday Zen with John Tarrant on December 18th, 2022. 5 Minutes.

5' 48"
Audio September 27, 2022

Music for Meditation: The Great Kalpa Fire

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding weaves a magical solo flute improvisation for the Great Kalpa Fire session from Sunday, September 18, 2022. 5 minutes.

5' 35"
Audio September 23, 2022

Music for Meditation: Variations on Summertime

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding plays music for meditation, riffing on the Summertime theme. Recorded during the September 4, 2022 Sunday Session with John Tarrant.

6' 55"
Audio July 18, 2022

Not Picking & Choosing – Solo Flute for Meditation

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding’s solo flute during John Tarrant’s Sunday Talk: The Great Way Is Not Difficult; It Just Avoids Picking & Choosing. Recorded on June 26, 2022 in the Online Temple.

5' 6"
Video June 19, 2022

Magical Meetings: Jordan McConnell’s Music for Meditation

Jordan McConnell

Music for meditation, recorded on June 12, 2022, during John Tarrant’s Sunday Session. Jordan McConnell’s improvisation on guitar. 9-minute video.

7' 39"
Audio June 8, 2022

Your Own Heart Mind – Music for Meditation

Michael Wilding

Michael plays a solo improvisation during John Tarrant’s Sunday meditation. Recorded June 5, 2022. 9 minutes.

9' 35"
Audio June 6, 2022

Flute Solo for Meditation with Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding’s improv on flute, recorded Sunday, May 2022, during John Tarrant’s What Is This? Sunday Session. 5 minutes.

5' 35"
Audio May 8, 2022

Zen Is Poetry: Music for Meditation with Jiashan’s State of Mind

Jordan McConnell

Meditation on the koan, What Is Jiashan’s State of Mind, is accompanied by Jordan McConnell’s musical improvisation on guitar. Recorded on May 1, 2022, during John Tarrant’s Zen Is Poetry Sunday Talk.

4' 59"
Audio April 20, 2022

Music for A Morning of Amnesty

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding plays an evocative saxophone solo for John Tarrant’s Sunday meditation: A Morning of Amnesty. April 17, 2022.

5' 46"
Audio March 25, 2022

Music for Getting Lost

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding’s musical solos during a meditation for getting lost. Recorded during John Tarrant’s Sunday Talk on March 13, 2022.

4' 57"
Audio March 25, 2022

Music for The Lost Cities

Jordan McConnell

Jordan McConnell plays a guitar solo for exploring the lost cities during John Tarrant’s Sunday Talk on March 20, 2022.

5' 46"
Audio March 9, 2022

The Journey Itself Is Home: Travelers in Eternity, Music with Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding plays an exquisite solo during meditation. From John Tarrant’s Sunday session, recorded on February 20, 2022.

6' 18"
Audio September 24, 2021

Musical Interlude for Passing Through Danger & Demons

Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding’s transportive original composition, an interlude for meditation, on flute. As recorded September 19, 2021.

4' 59"
Audio December 14, 2020

Journey Into Awakening – Original Music for Meditation

Michael Wilding

PZI Zen Online: Journey Into Awakening with John Tarrant Roshi. John’s Sunday dharma talk and meditation session included original music written and performed by Michael Wilding on saxophone. Thank you from all of us. As recorded Dec 13 2020.

4' 27"
Audio November 29, 2020

Music: Jordan McConnell on Guitar – Journey Into Awakening

Jordan McConnell

PZI Zen Online: Excerpt from Journey Into Awakening. Jordan McConnell on guitar during Sunday meditation. As recorded Nov. 29 2020.

4' 17"
Audio October 12, 2020

Fall Sesshin 2020: Music for Meditation with Michael Wilding

Michael Wilding

PZI Fall Sesshin: Music from Michael Wilding on Alto Sax, Oct 1, 2020. As recorded.

6' 27"
Audio September 3, 2020

Music for Guanyin’s Pavilion of Fire – Michael Wilding on Sax

Michael Wilding

Audio: Michael Wilding on Saxophone playing his original composition during Allison Atwill’s meditation and dharma talk on Guanyin as fire. This is a new recording sans the variables of bandwidth. A gift from Michael to PZI. Thank you!

4' 55"