Mistress District Fan

Audio July 10, 2020

Be a Tiger at Home in the Mountains, Opening Summer Sesshin – Into the Cave of the Blue Dragon

John Tarrant, Michelle Riddle

Audio session – Opening the Cave of the Blue Dragon retreat with John Tarrant & Michelle Riddle. John talks about meditation at sesshin. Stories: District Mistress Fan & Yuan Wu -‘so near at hand’. Tabor’s poem. So easy to think I am not enough. Xing Quin ‘One drop just ink – 2 drops a dragon is born’. We are each in community and discovering together. Yunmen’s ‘Talking to a rock’. Alan Watts – Letting go – ‘Dont prevent the world from falling apart’. Be a tiger at home in the mountains. Closing prayer: Cantor Amaryllis Fletcher, Jordan McConnell – the four vows. Jon Joseph, Roshi evening words. Thursday June 25, 2020

38' 16"