Audio July 16, 2020

Vials of Light

John Tarrant

PZI Zen Online Audio: Blue Dragon’s Cave Sesshin, Saturday eve: John’s dream of Orion. We accord with the Dao. What part of your life does not have value? Buddha nature is expressing itself through you. Voles 🙂 or vials of light, original light we call koans, which kindle light in us. Always there even in a dark tangled place. Everything showing up is the koan! Memories in the cave—how they are whole and vivid. As recorded Summer 2020.

89' 6"
Audio July 10, 2020

Audio Excerpt: What Memory Holds – In the Cave of the Blue Dragon

Allison Atwill

PZI Zen Online: Audio excerpt of Saturday morning session with Allison Atwill Roshi from Cave of the Blue Dragon sesshin. As recorded June 2020.

8' 58"
Audio June 7, 2020

A Dream, Like a Bubble Floating on Water

David Weinstein

PZI Zen Online – It’s all a dream – how memory morphs and we are inherently unreliable narrators of our own lives. Conviction dissolves. Nothing to rely on. Partial recording of session June 3 2020.

14' 52"
Text September 18, 2017


John Tarrant

Poem by John Tarrant Roshi. 1985.

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