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Make Yourself a Raft Series

Text July 14, 2023

Make Yourself a Raft Intro: A 6-Part Series on Group Facilitation

Jesse Cardin

When we lead a group in the PZI tradition, we offer ourselves to something larger. Our small identity falls away to reveal a vessel that can ferry all beings deeper into the mystery of this life we share. This is no easy task. I’m pleased to offer an online 6-part training and support series for group facilitators. In the interest of maintaining focus, this series will be limited to those who are actively facilitating koan salons and cohort groups, or who plan to do so imminently.

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Text June 30, 2023

Make Yourself a Raft: Sitting in the Leader’s Seat Part 2 of 6 Part Series on Group Facilitation

Jesse Cardin

For our second session, I’d like us to shine our light on the experience of sitting in the Leader’s Seat. I spoke briefly last time about the facilitator’s role in maintaining the vessel. In this next session, I’d like to dive deeper into the experience of doing that.

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