Lion's Roar

Text September 17, 2019

It Was Me Too

David Weinstein

I began my meditation practice four years prior to arriving in Honolulu, first in Nepal, then in India and Korea. All of my teachers had been Asian. Without really knowing it, I had projected a certain mystique onto them.

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Text November 24, 2017

How to Welcome the End of the World

John Tarrant

“How to meet the times we are in is a real question, and everybody feels the force of it. It is an ancient question. It comes with being human.” Published in Lion’s Roar, January 2016.

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Text November 24, 2017

How to Practice Zen Koans

John Tarrant

“A koan is a little healing story, a conversation, an image, a fragment of a song. It’s something to keep you company, whatever you are doing. There’s a tradition of koan study to transform your heart and the way you move in the world.” March 2016.

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